Vanilla Fig Gingersnap Bites {guest post}

We have a guest this week, my friends, and I’m really excited for you to meet her! 

Yes, she’s a fellow blogger, but she’s also a genuinely nice person and thisclose to becoming a registered dietician! And you know I’d never keep someone around unless they were genuinely nice. The dietician and blogger part are all bonus!

So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce Carlene from Carlene’s Figments, a fabulous blog filled with healthy, creative recipes and ideas for, what she calls, “Healthy Hostessing”. The recipe she’s sharing today is one of her “Healthy Hostess” recipes and it couldn’t be easier.

Vanilla Fig Gingersnap Bites

If you’re a Wicked Noodle reader, there’s one thing I know about you without a doubt. You love great food.

What a coincidence. Me too. I think we’ll get along just fine!

Vanilla Fig Gingersnap Bites

 Today I’ll share a dessert for you to serve as a healthy hostess that’s nutrition professional approved. It plays on savory winter flavors with a zing of spice, fruit, and creamy texture to get your guests talking.

But first, just a bit about me: Carlene Thomas

This spring I’ll be opening a nutrition practice as a Registered Dietitian in Virginia for women and specializing in brides getting ready for their big day! I don’t believe in dieting or the food police. In fact, I’m here to help manage weight and optimize health by balancing your favorite indulgences with nutrition. And I do it wearing heels too. I’m big on healthy hostessing, meaning you keep your social scene in tact without sacrifice for taste.

Vanilla Fig Gingersnap Bites

In this bite sized dessert, I use vanilla infused goat cheese as a base for hints of caramel and nutmeg over spicy gingersnap cookies (Note: Feel free to substitute for home made gingerbread).  The next layer is a sliced fig with orange segment, topped with drizzled honey. Figs are visually stunning and also help a dish by bridging savory and sweet while the orange adds clarity and freshness.

Vanilla Fig Gingersnap Bites                                       


  • Gingersnap
  • Fresh or Frozen, thawed Figs
  • Vanilla or Regular Goat Cheese
  • Oranges
  • Honey


Slice cheese into five, thin strips and place into an outlined pentagon shape over a gingersnap. Place under the broiler, or into a toaster oven, until the cheese just begins to melt. Remove cookies with cheese and place 1 half of a fig on each, using the cheese to ‘stick’ the fig. Add a small bit of orange segment next to the fig and drizzle with less than a teaspoon of honey on each cookie. Serve in small ramekins or on a platter.

Vanilla Fig Gingersnap Bites

This dessert is well balanced in more than one way! There’s just enough sweet to go with the spice,. But there’s also a dairy and two kinds of fruit. It’s a quick fix dessert that lets you look chic without a big time investment. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Visit Carlene’s Figments and get more great recipe ideas!


  1. says

    Absolutely beautiful! Best wishes with your new practice. I loved when you said, “I’m here to help manage weight and optimize health by balancing your favorite indulgences with nutrition. And I do it wearing heels too.” You GO GIRL!!!!!!

  2. Ragnar Crowley says

    I love finding sites like this, very nice and tasty!
    This looks delicious, I’ll have to do my best to whip this one up for the next party… love figs!
    Also, I’m sharing this site with some professional caterers I know.

  3. Tisha says

    Yummmm…Those Vanilla Fig Gingersnap Bites looks really delicious and they are very healthy too. Yup…That’s my cup of tea, healthy and delicious. I want to wish you all the success on your new practice.

  4. says

    Hi Carlene,
    This is my first visit to The Wicked Noodle. The recipe you shared sounds wonderful! I’ve never had fresh figs but am now curious to try them. I like to cook and have been doing it for many years, but I very rarely make desserts.. This one sounds simple enough for me to try. Thanks for sharing!

    • CarleneFutureRD says

      You’ll definitely be back to this wonderful website! The reason I love this dessert is it’s SO simple. And if you’re not a sweets person, the spices and savoriness of the fig and gingersnap pair perfectly.

  5. says

    Why? Why? Why did I stumbled to this post from all posts just before I go to sleep..? Now I won’t be able to sleep because I will only think about all these delicious looking deserts :) Next time I will remember to come here only after I eat! It looks so good in the photos, that I almost ate my screen.

  6. says

    That is a beautiful looking dessert. I know a part of me always wants desserts drenched in chocolate, but this looks like it would be an amazing lighter dessert. Given that it is a bit spicy, I would think of it as more of a winter time desert with spiced cider, or a darker (and spicy) coffee. (Meaning any blend with an aged Sumatra bean component.) Thanks for sharing this! I I really enjoy gingersnap cookies, so I think I’d love everything about this.

  7. says

    Wow, this recipe looks delicious and healthy – how do you do that?!!

    Thanks so much, I will be printing this out and giving it to my hubbie as he will adore these gingersnap bites:)

  8. says

    Lovely recipe. Good luck with her practise and I am sure every bride out there will be super elated to have someone guide through the process and look the best on that ONE important day in every women’s life. Wish I had one that time.

  9. says

    i like it. Of course I would let my wife put it together as she has a knack for baking and the such like. Gingersnap or soft cookie, an awesome choice and the fig a great idea. Who needs chocolate?

    thanks for sharing Carlene and Kristy!

  10. Shannon Sachvie says

    I LOVE gingersnaps! I can’t believe you have such a creative recipe involving gingersnaps. I always thought that was just a cookie my grandmother made ;)


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