Warm Christmas Cocktail {with coconut milk & bourbon}

This cold-weather cocktail with bourbon and coconut milk is my all-time favorite! Keep it warm on the stove or in the slow-cooker...delicious with or without the booze.

Today we’re bringing home our Christmas tree. Boxes of decorations will be brought up from the dusty basement. We’ll have a warm fire with some Christmas music playing, and – of course – some sort of cold-weather stew will simmer on the stove…along with a pot of this warm Christmas cocktail. I just love this season!!

I’ve made this Christmas cocktail five times over the past few weeks. The first time I made it when my folks were still visiting; my mom loves coconut and this seemed like something she’d like while we sat around the fire. Everyone loved it so much that I just kept making it! After the fourth time, I realized I’d better grab a quick photo and get this bad boy posted so that you could start enjoying it, too.

I love that this is one of those Christmas cocktails that is delicious without any alcohol added so that everyone can indulge, from age 4 to 104! My daughter Katie especially loves it. I add just 1 0z. of bourbon to mine but Alan loves his with a full shot. But keep a pot warm on the stove and everyone can make it any way they like. Cheers! {clink}

recipe adapted from Toby Cecchini for Saveur.