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About Us

Launched by Kristy Bernardo in 2009, The Wicked Noodle is a food and recipe site for home cooks. We’re serious about food but also celebrate all home cooks, from the experienced to the beginner. Our goal is to inspire you in the kitchen whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, your roommates, or your friends.

About The Recipes

All the recipes are developed by Kristy or our other fabulous cooks listed below (unless otherwise noted). We love experimenting in the kitchen and creating new recipes. Our goal is to create delicious, healthy, and sometimes not so healthy, recipes with easy to follow instructions that everyone can follow.

About Kristy Bernardo

Kristy Bernardo

Kristy Bernardo is the recipe creator behind The Wicked Noodle. She’s a five-time cookbook author, has taught cooking classes to both kids and adults, and has been creating recipes for nationwide brands since 2009. She learned most of her cooking skills from her mom and grandmother, then honed those skills at boot camp at the Culinary Institute of America.

Kristy’s Books

About Us
About Us
About Us
Weeknight Keto Cookbook
Easy Cooking with your NINJA FOODI

About Monique McArthur

Monique McArthur

Monique McArthur is a mother of two, writer, fan of home cooking, and creator of delicious recipes. She envisions herself as a self-taught cook who also learned extensively from a family of restaurateurs. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, shopping, sipping wine, running with her dogs and spending time with family.

Let’s Stay In Touch!

Check out our recipe page to access our entire recipe collection. You’ll find an enormous collection of delicious treats, healthy options, quick and easy recipes and much more.

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