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35 Easy Air Fryer Desserts

We’ve collected 35 air fryer desserts that really show off the amazing versatility of an air fryer with treats like cookies, pies, doughnuts, and much more.

When you think of cooking with your air fryer, you may naturally gravitate to items like chicken, tater tots, onion rings, and other dinner foods. But did you know you can make desserts in your air fryer as well? That’s a whole other world of possibilities, right?! What kind of desserts can you make in the air fryer?

Think cookies, cakes and cupcakes, quick breads, donuts and cinnamon rolls, and more!

The possibilities are endless, and your only real limitation is space. You’ll make smaller portions or smaller quantities with an air fryer than with a traditional oven, but it’s perfect for a few servings of delicious treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here’s a list that we’ve rounded up featuring a wide variety of air fryer friendly recipes including easy, 3-ingredient options, fruity and healthy treats, and keto dessert recipes.

Air Fryer Desserts

Easy Air Fryer Dessert Recipes

Putting easy and air fryer in the same sentence almost seems redundant and air fryer desserts are another quick way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Check out these air fryer tips to use with these recipes.

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