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How to Eat a Pomegranate

Not sure exactly how to eat a pomegranate? Watch this quick video to see how simple it really is.


I had my first pomegranate when I was a kid growing up in rural Wisconsin. Not the typical fruit you’d find on most midwestern tables in those days and my mom brought them home often. I loved it when friends would come over and I could wow them with this rare treat. Teaching them how to eat a pomegranate was always a good time, even if I hadn’t yet learned the proper way to remove its seeds.

So it was fitting when, in 2009, the first press trip I ever took for this blog was to visit POM Wonderful, their orchards and learn everything there is to know about pomegranates. I was certain I already knew how to eat a pomegranate but it turns out they had a few things to teach me.

I’ve had a few questions from readers on this topic lately so I thought it was time to share my knowledge. Questions range from “Can you eat pomegranate skin?” to “How to you deseed a pomegranate?” To that I answer, “No” and “Check out the video I made for you!” Some people use a spoon to whack the seeds right out and I have tried this method but I prefer a quick removal in a bowl of water. It only takes a couple of minutes and works perfectly because the arils fall to the bottom while everything else floats to the top.

Once you have your seeds (or “arils) removed, eating them is simple. You can eat them by the handful (yes, you chew and swallow the entire seed) or add them to salads, desserts or just about anything you can think of. They’re great for breakfast, especially added to a yogurt parfait. I also like to add a few to my pomegranate margaritas!

I have a recipe for roasted root vegetables coming up that you do not want to miss! I use food rings to “stack” them and they’re topped with pomegranate arils, bright green chopped parsley and an extra drizzle of maple syrup for a glistening sheen (check out the photo below). In the meantime, watch the video above and share your own tips and tricks in the comments.

Not sure exactly how to eat a pomegranate? Watch this quick video to see how simple it really is, plus check out the new recipe that showcases the arils!

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Tuesday 28th of March 2017

Great tip, the first time I saw this very simple process was when relatives from Italy came to stay.. one of my favorite fruits.

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Tuesday 22nd of November 2016

Love that idea for a stacked salad!!! I'm a huuuge pomegranate lover, though I don't always love getting the arils out. Your technique in the video is exactly what I do!