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How to Create an Instagram Landing Page (Linktree Alternative)

Scroll down for the how-to video on how to create an Instagram landing page – the perfect Linktree alternative!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

instagram landing page linktree alternative

See my Instagram landing page live!

Actually, creating your own landing page is even better than using Linktree. Much better, in fact. Here’s why:

Think about how many steps it takes someone from Instagram to reach your website:

  1. They see your photo on Instagram, either in their feed or through a hashtag.
  2. They like what they see, so they go to your Instagram page.
  3. If they like your bio, they might click the link to find more information about the photo.
  4. Now they’re on your Linktree page. They find the photo, and now they have to decide one more time whether to click the link to finally end up on your site.
  5. If they clinked the link, they’ll finally be on your website.

But what if you could remove the middleman – in this case, Linktree – from being there at all?

Your followers have one less step to make it to your site, where they can now subscribe to your newsletter or view even more pages. Winning!

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a service where you can have your own “Linktree page”. It’s where the links to your blog posts are stored so that your Instagram followers can find the content you posted on Instagram. Your followers can click buttons that have the title of your blog post. You can even add a small thumbnail if you like.

I personally used Linktree for a couple of years, and I even upgraded to the pro version. It seemed inexpensive at $6 per month, and (I thought) it saved me a lot of hassle.

Until yesterday.

Yep, that’s how fast I created my own Instagram landing page, then this post along with the how-to video. I’d been thinking of doing it anyway, but Linktree forced my hand.

I went into my Linktree dashboard to add a couple of links (normally I add one at a time, but I knew I’d be posting to Instagram later in the day so I thought I’d just add them both at once). You can easily swap your links above or below another one, but when I swapped my two newly added links?

Over 25 of the links I’d added over the last two months just disappeared.

Vanished. Gone!! And I was leaving for the day and couldn’t fix it for hours. So I immediately sent a message through their message system (you know, the kind with the bubble on the bottom right of the page?) and told them what happened. And then??


16 hours later, I sent a followup message that said, “Anyone??”

And to that, I finally received a very curt reply about how they’re so busy and get over 100 messages a day and sometimes people just have to wait.

So because I already knew I wanted needed an Instagram landing page on my own site for all of the reasons I listed above, I created one and deleted my Linktree account within the span of 2 hours. And it’s the perfect Linktree alternative – even better, in fact!

It was a blessing in disguise because I absolutely love the Instagram landing page I created and I know you’ll love yours, too!

See my Instagram landing page live!

instagram landing page linktree alternative

What should you include on your Instagram landing page?

Your Instagram landing page should have, at the very least, a title and clickable photos.

But what if you could create a page that really draws your followers in? With a fancy, scrolling header, a call to action to follow you on Instagram, personalized text, hover titles over your photos and the ability for your followers to filter your photos by category?

A page that looks so professional it will significantly increase the odds of someone subscribing to your blog?

Well, let’s get to work!

So how do you create an amazing landing page?

To create your amazing landing page in WordPress, you’ll need just two things: Elementor and Ultimate Addons for Elementor. I’ve been using both for a while now, and they’re worth every penny. I used them to revamp my About page and the page for my cookbooks.

Creating my Instagram landing page was, by far, the simplest of all three! Watch the video below to see how simple it really is to create your own highly customizable Instagram landing page!

Note: It’s a long video, so click here if you’d rather watch it on YouTube where I have jump links below the video.

Did you create your own Instagram landing page? Drop your link in the comment section below so everyone can see it!

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