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Keto Pizza – Easy and Satisfying!

This post is sponsored by Foster Farms. All content and opinions are entirely my own.

I’ve been looking for a truly great keto pizza for a long time. I’ve tried just about all of them but none have scratched that itch for me until I tried Foster Farms Smart Crust™ Pizza.

I’m thrilled to have learned about this exciting new low carb, high protein, Keto certified, and gluten-free pizza. Gone with the chaffles and processing cauliflower! Now all I have to do is pick a few up when I’m at the store and they’re ready for us whenever our pizza cravings strike.

These pizzas have just 4g carbs per serving, which is ½ of a pizza. We’d assumed we’d need to eat an entire pizza each as these are personal-sized pizzas, but just half of one completely filled me up. Rob ate a whole one but he kept commenting after about how full he was and that he wished he’d eaten a slice or two less. And that boy can eat, so you know these are filling!

There are three flavors to choose from: Cheese, Bacon, or Pepperoni. We’ve only tried the cheese so far but I’m sure the other flavors are just as delicious! We’ll be trying the other flavors but we all agreed that we love being able to top the cheese with whatever we like.

I decided to make plain cheese, pepperoni, pepperoni & mushroom, and a taco pizza. We tried the cheese first so we could get a good idea of what the crust tastes like. It’s a little soft with good, cheesy flavor. I didn’t add any extra cheese to these and they didn’t need it! The plain cheese was like a soft, cheesy bread – perfect for anyone who misses it!

One pizza holds 7 pepperoni slices perfectly and they crisp up perfectly in the time it takes the pizza to bake. Adding mushrooms was delicious and we really loaded them up!

The unanimous favorite was the taco pizza, to which I added taco meat, shredded lettuce, and chopped tomato. The combination of those with the cheesy crust was absolutely delicious!

One of the ways I decide if something is worth buying again is whether I’d be happy if it was served to me in a restaurant. All of us – two adults and two children (who don’t eat low-carb) LOVED these pizzas and agreed that we’d order them again anytime.

Foster Farms really nailed it with these keto-certified pizzas. The crust is made with just 3 ingredients: chicken, egg whites, and cheese. There’s 25g of protein in each serving, too, which means we can satisfy our pizza cravings with zero guilt!

Be sure to check out Smart Crust Pizza for yourself!

(Our power went out while I was shooting the pizza photos, which meant that I was panicking and Rob was ecstatic – he couldn’t wait to try these and kept asking me in the week leading up to it when we could try them. If my phone battery hadn’t been so low, I would have gotten a video of him “mmmm-ing” and “omgthisissogood” between each bite!)

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