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Miracle Noodles – An Unbiased Review

What are Miracle Noodles and why should you give them a shot? Read my unbiased review and get a great sauce recipe to go with them!
Just what are Miracle Noodles and are they worth the hype?

Miracle Noodles have always intrigued me. I love pasta and really enjoy making quick asian sauces to toss with pasta so Miracle Noodles have been something I’ve really wanted to try. Similar in texture to rice noodles, these were definitely worth trying and keeping on hand for a healthy snack or dinner.

I first read this from the Miracle Noodle website:

Why Are Miracle Noodles So Healthy?

The answer to this questions lies in understanding the role of fiber in our diets. Our noodle is made mainly of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber acts to slow digestion. By doing this, it allows for the slower absorption of glucose and is the reason behind its beneficial effects in diabetes.

The soluble fiber found in Miracle Noodles slows digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness and is an essential part of any weight loss program. You also absorb more nutrients in the foods you eat with Miracle Noodles due to the slowing of digestion.

Just what are Miracle Noodles and are they worth the hype?

So I decided it was time to order me up some Miracle Noodles and give them a try myself. The first thing I noticed was that the noodles are packaged in water. I picked up the paper that came with them which cautioned me not to be alarmed if the noodles smell fishy.  Or rather, if the water they’re packaged in smells fishy.  Okay, I can handle that, especially since they assured me the noodles do not taste that way.  Okay, good.  Moving on to the “cooking” directions…rinse under very warm water for five minutes, toss with pasta sauce and serve.  Wow.  Really?  Rinse, toss and serve?  Okay, still with you, Miracle Noodles, in fact I really like the ease of preparation.

I tossed my noodles with a quick asian sauce that I use for my Crispy Asian Chicken Drumsticks Recipe. I just tossed the miracle noodles with some of the extra sauce and it went really well with the chicken. In the photo above, I’d made a quick tomato and garlic sauce to serve over them; I wanted to see how they’d compare to an Italian spaghetti-type pasta. That I don’t recommend as they’re just too different and you need a strong-flavored sauce that will coat the noodles and allow the flavors to soak in. So I do recommend these Miracle Noodles as long as you use them properly. You can pick some up here or check your local Asian market!

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