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mushroom & poblano tacos with goat cheese

mushroom and poblano tacos with goat cheese
So today, I was supposed to be leaving for a weekend trip to go camping. I’m all packed up and ready to go, except for one little problem: RAIN. And a lot of it. It’s the first tropical storm of the season here and it’s foiling all my plans! But all is not lost, it’s supposed to clear up overnight so we’ll just leave first thing in the morning instead. I’m really looking forward to being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine!

Coincidentally, this recipe would be perfect for camping! That has absolutely nothing to do with why I made it, though, I just love how easy and healthy it is, not to mention super good! I’m a poblano pepper fiend and mushrooms are also one of my favorite foods. And with so few ingredients in the recipe, it comes together super fast for a weeknight or even a quick lunch (did you know you can even keep the cooked mushrooms in the freezer for up to a month)?

chicken & poblano tacos with goat cheese

I created this recipe as part of Kitchen Play’s Progressive Party featuring the Mushroom Council. It’s part of their “Swap It or Top It” campaign (see information on that below just after the recipe, you could win $5k!) and I knew I wanted to do a swap instead of a top (just more fun and room to be creative). And since goat cheese pairs so deliciously with the earthy flavor of mushrooms, I thought it may make a fun twist on tacos, too. I was assigned an entree and I wanted to keep it easy yet very tasty. It was tough to decide exactly what to make since I not only adore mushrooms but they’re so versatile! I love that they pair so well with meats and vegetables (grilled chicken would blend wonderfully with the mushrooms in these tacos) yet they are hearty enough to stand alone in a dish.

There are a lot of other delicious recipes being created for this party, I can’t wait to see what everyone made!

mushroom and portobello tacos with goat cheese


mushroom & poblano tacos with goat cheese

Cook your mushrooms over HIGH heat. You want to cook them until their water has been released and then evaporated, then cook them until they’re nicely browned. This is where all the flavor is!

  • 2 T olive oil
  • 16 oz. baby bella mushrooms, thickly sliced
  • 1 medium red onion, sliced
  • 2 large poblano peppers, sliced
  • 1 large garlic clove, minced
  • 5 oz. goat cheese
  • flour tortillas

Heat a large skillet over high heat. Add 1 T oil (if your pan is too hot the oil may smoke; add a small amount of vegetable oil to increase the smoke point and stop the smoking) then add mushrooms. Cook until all their water has been released and evaporated, then allow mushrooms to lightly brown. Set mushrooms aside, reduce heat to medium and place pan back on stove.

Add remaining T oil then add peppers and onions to pan. Saute until crisp-tender or to your desired texture (I cook mine about 5-7 minutes), adding garlic to pan about 2 minutes before they’re done. Add mushrooms back to pan and toss to mix.

Place some of the mushroom mixture onto a tortilla and top with a generous amount of goat cheese.


Mushroom Council

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Rachael (Fuji Mama)

Monday 15th of July 2013

Goat cheese, poblanos, AND mushrooms? This was a trio made in heaven!!

the wicked noodle

Wednesday 24th of July 2013

Thanks Rachel!

Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

Friday 28th of June 2013

What gorgeous tacos. I also love that they're vegetarian. Jason and I are trying to cut back on meat so this here is just perfect. And that goat cheese - SWOON! I could add that creamy crumbly goat cheese to anything and everything!

the wicked noodle

Tuesday 9th of July 2013

Thanks Chung-Ah!


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Looks like a delicious taco, love the combination with goat cheese. Thank you Kristy, for the information about how to get the best flavor when preparing mushrooms, very useful!

the wicked noodle

Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

You're very welcome, Daniela! xo