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National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day is December 4th. December is the most popular month for baking cookies, so it’s a  perfect kick off to celebrate the mighty cookie. Cookies, with their beseeching scent, have helped to close more real estate deals and have redeemed more boring baloney sandwiches than any other sweet treat. Cookies make boo-boos feel better, subpar coffee palatable, and even Santa looks forward to this  yummy snack once a year.  

National Cookie Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, December 4, 2024

National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day History 

The “holiday” was founded by San Francisco’s Blue Chip Cookie Company owner, Matt Nadler, and  inaugurated in 1987. Nadler wanted to salute his and perhaps the western world’s favorite treat. He  believed it was a brilliant and fun thing to do. He was right. National Cookie Day is a successful American  marketing gimmick, that is quickly catching on worldwide. There are other National Cookie Days that are  for specific cookie types and not to be confused with America’s National Cookie Day, which is the  nation’s official holiday celebrating all cookies.  

  • National Oreo Cookie Day: March 6th 
  • Oatmeal Cookie Day: April 30th 
  • National Peanut Butter Cookie Day: June 12th 
  • National Sugar Cookie Day: July 9th 
  • National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: August 4th 
  • National Homemade Cookie Day: October 1st 

How To Celebrate National Cookie Day 

Don’t miss out on a fun opportunity to share your favorite cookies with friends, co-workers, clients and  family. Mark your Google calendar! Ditch that ubiquitous, round blue tin of ordinary cookies. Start a new  annual tradition and get a head start on holiday home baked cookies for home and as gifts. Many people  are unaware of National Cookie Day; surprise them. Ordering a cookie delivery for friends, employees, or yourself is an easy and fun way to celebrate National Cookie Day. There’s a cookie monster in all of us. Get inspired by these National Cookie Day ideas.  

  • Order a cookie delivery/themed cookie basket 
  • Buy your favorite cookies/ready-made cookie dough 
  • Bake for a charity
  • Bake for a fundraiser 
  • Bake Cookies at Home 
  • Host a cookie exchange  
  • Host a cookie decorating contest 
  • Make gingerbread houses 
  • Do Cookie-Themed Crafts 
  • Teach Kids About Cookie History 
  • Visit Your City’s Best-Rated Cookie Shop 
  • Find Somewhere Giving Out Free Cookies 
  • Send a funny Gif or meme celebrating national Cookie Day 

Who Offers Free Cookies/Deals on National Cookie Day? 

Here are some cookie companies that have been known to offer freebies and deals on National Cookie Day in the past plus some current offers.

Great American Cookies: Offering a free chocolate chip cookie with any purchase.  

Insomnia Cookies: Offering everyone who visits its store on Dec. 4 a free Classic cookie with no purchase required. 

Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.: This grain-free baking mix company is including one free cookie mix in each order on National Cookie Day. 

Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies: Offering two days of BOGO deals on Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO treats; sweetened only with coconut sugar and dates. 

Nestle Toll House Café by Chip: Offering a free chocolate chip cookie on December 4 to anyone dressed in a Santa hat, Santa outfit or any other Santa-inspired look. 

Subway: Subway has launched a pop-up cookie-centric spinoff CookieWay in New York City, and those  who visit December 2-5 will get complimentary cookies.  

Theo Chocolate: An organic, fair-trade chocolate haven, is reimbursing customers for trying their Mint  Cookie Bites and Snickerdoodle Cookie Bites. Buy a bag of Cookie Bites at a local grocery store, upload  your receipt to the link sent from Theo Chocolate, and they will Venmo you back your money. Super  easy! 

Tiff’s Treats: This on-demand warm cookie delivery brand offers a free chocolate chip cookie to anyone  who visits a Tiff’s Treats location on December 4. 

Pei Wei: Order any entrée or kids meal and you’ll get a free cookie.

Schlotzsky’s Deli: Purchase any entrée on Dec. 4, and you’ll get a free cookie. 

Whole Foods: Selling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at the special price of 25¢ each.  (Limit 3 per customer) 

* Check store website for more details, Changes, Substitutes  

Cookie Trivia 

What is the #1 selling cookie in the world? Oreo cookies by Nabisco. Double Stuff is the best-selling  Oreo cookie 

What is America’s favorite cookie? 85% polled prefer their own cookie recipes.

What is the most popular cookie flavor? Chocolate Chip. Peanut Butter is a close second.

What is the oldest cookie? Pizzelles, originating from the Abruzzo Italian village Cocullo. A traditional  delicacy to celebrate the Festival of the Snakes. 

What is the most popular Christmas cookie in America? Butter Peanut Blossom. 

Try some of these cookie recipes to celebrate National Cookie Day!

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