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National Mimosa Day

So, you’ve just learned that May 16th is National Mimosa Day and now your mind is enraptured with all things fancy brunch and sexy champagne flutes filled with bubbles and bliss. Yes, mimosas are definitely all that and more! National Mimosa Day celebrates one of the most iconic sparkling wine cocktails in the world. Cocktail fanatics are ready with a full schedule of “Frunch” -Friends and Brunch! Don’t miss out on all the fun with this luxurious libation! Mimosas are magic and here is exactly why.

The next National Mimosa Day will be observed on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

National Mimosa Day

What Is A Mimosa and Why Are They So Extraordinary?

America’s most popular breakfast cocktail is beautiful, bright, and dazzles the eye with its brilliant bubbles. The mimosa is a lovely cocktail traditionally one part champagne and one part orange juice. Of course, there are variations, but the foundation of the mimosa is sparkling wine and orange juice.

Champagne innately makes you feel special and fancy. Perhaps this is why Mimosas are often served in First Class flight cabins, fine weddings, and the very best breakfast buffets. It’s a versatile drink that is light and fruity. Mimosas are delightful on hot summer days, lazy late breakfast dates, and are quickly becoming a charming aperitif. They have rapidly replaced the Bloody Mary as the new brunch beverage staple. Mother’s Day, Easter Brunch, and baby showers are perfect for serving mimosas and not getting the side eye from closet prohibitionists. They are a fabulous year-round drink that instantly elevates any occasion.

Who Invented the Mimosa?

Mimosas date back to the 1920’s and the infamous drink was originally called a Champagne Orange. Frank Meir, a mysterious head bartender at The Ritz in Paris, France, is credited with this coveted concoction. The cocktail was named after the pretty, yellow flower found on the mimosa plant native to Australia. The history of the mimosa’s genesis has two rival tales. Many tipple coinsurers believe that the mimosa is just a variation of the Buck’s Fizz cocktail. Invented in 1921, the Buck’s Fizz drink was merely to give gentleman an innocuous excuse to start imbibing before lunch at London’s swanky Buck’s Club. It worked flawlessly. Who can dispute “morning orange juice”?

How To Make A Mimosa

Not all mimosas are alike. Brunch’s BFF shouldn’t be considered as “girly drink’ either. Creative variations have caught everyone’s attention. Did you know that mimosas are one of the lowest calorie cocktails? Most mimosas are a mere 85 calories and chock full of vitamin C. The global standard for making a mimosa is a 50/50 mix of Champagne and orange juice. Sparkling wine in lieu of Champagne is common when mixing mimosas. Chill your sparkling wine and orange juice in the refrigerator prior to mixing. Ice cubes are a big no-no because it kills the fizzy bubbles. Always add the sparkling wine first, then the orange juice. The possibilities are endless with this sophisticated cocktail. A flute is a must when serving mimosas.

What Is The Best Champagne or Sparkling Wine For Mimosas?

The best choice depends on your bottom line. If you’re celebrating a magnificent milestone, then perhaps only the best bottle of bubbly will do. Many top sommeliers scoff at using Champagne on mimosas, calling it a waste. There are many different types of white sparkling wines that make superb mimosas.

What’s the difference between sparkling wine and Champagne? Wine can only be called Champagne when it comes from the French region of Champagne. The result will vary depending on which type of sparkling wine you use. You can opt for the less expensive Prosecco or Cava. Prosecco is from Italy and Cava is from Spain. With notes of pear, lemons, and apples, Prosecco Is sweeter and will give your mimosa a fruitier flavor. High quality labels like Naveran Cava and Bisol Prosecco are fabulous. If you’re adamant for a bubbly mimosa, then Prosecco is your best choice. Both varieties mix well with juices and are much more affordable. Veteran mimosa mixers frequently add a splash of Triple Sec or Grand Marnier for that something extra special.

Top Champagnes for Unforgettable Mimosas

  • Veuve Clicquot/Brut Yellow Label Champagne
  • Best runner up: Champagne Pommery Brut Royal NV
  • Best Budget: Faire La Fete Brut
  • Best Luxury: Ruiart Blanc De Blancs NV

Can You Substitute Orange Juice For Mimosas?

Yes, absolutely. The best fruit juices for mixing mimosas are pineapple, mango grapefruit, pomegranate, peach, and cranberry.

How Many Mimosas Are In A Bottle Of Wine?

For every standard 750 ml bottle of sparkling wine, you can expect to make 6-8 mimosas. Most guests will enjoy 1-3 mimosas.

How To Celebrate National Mimosa Day?

Whether it’s your first National Mimosa Day celebration or this is a holiday that you look forward to every year, there’s so much mimosa magic to be had on May 16th. Discover your love for the iconic mimosa. It’s not just a national day for the ladies. Invite Him to a “Manmosa”! It’s a guy friendly adaptation to “her” mimosa. The “ Manmosa” is a combo drink of beer and orange juice. He will probably be the first to show up! Here are some great ideas to make your National Mimosa Day unforgettable. Make it simple and affordable or detailed and decadent!

  • Brunch all day! Here’s the perfect excuse to book get-togethers with family and friends. They don’t have to know you’ve been “brunching all morning and afternoon”.
  • Have a Mimosa “thing”. Set up a “DIY” mimosa bar for your guests or host a “BYOM” party. Host it in the morning, afternoon, or even after work. Level up your party with a white elephant or ugliest champagne glass exchange.
  • Wear your favorite “tacky” wine t shirt or novelty cocktail earrings all day.
  • Take advantage of National Mimosa Day at your favorite restaurant, bar or lounge. Many will have exclusive variations and limited-edition varieties only on this day.
  • Find a bottomless mimosa brunch and bring a friend.
  • Have a Mixology Mimosa party or contest. Try a new rendition of the traditional mimosa. Experiment with exotic juices.
  • Try the Mardi-Gras mimosa, Grand Mimosa with Grand Marnier, the Poinsettia, the Texas Turbo Mimosa, The Mega Mosa with grapefruit juice, or a Mimosa Margherita. Mimosa Margherita? Yes, it should be first on your mimosa must try list.
  • Make non-alcoholic mimosas. Substitute the Champagne with ginger ale. Sparkling juices and apple cider are a perfect non-alcoholic option.
  • Turn an ordinary bath into something spa special with candles, music, and of course mimosas.
  • Treat yourself to that fancy bottle of Champagne you’ve been saving and have a lovely low key National Mimosa Day.

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