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Nutella Hot Chocolate (just 2 ingredients!)

Nutella Hot Chocolate is easy to make and uses just two ingredients – Nutella and hot milk! Creamy, rich and a wonderfully indulgent dessert.


Nutella Hot Chocolate is easy to make and uses just two ingredients - Nutella and hot milk! Creamy, rich and a wonderfully indulgent dessert.

Two ingredients and less than ten minutes will award you with creamy, drinkable Nutella Hot Chocolate.

I have always loved this Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe and I can still remember the first time it occurred to me to make not just hot chocolate but Nutella hot chocolate. It was the middle of winter and we’d had a huge snowstorm – over 14 inches and counting. The grocery store wasn’t going to happen anytime soon and while I’d planned for this big storm and we had plenty of food – I didn’t plan on any sweets to get us through.

So I looked through our cupboards and spied the Nutella. It just happened to be sitting right next to the cocoa and the thought occurred to me to make some hot chocolate out of it. Then I looked back at the Nutella and thought…you guessed it…”What if I made some Nutella Hot Chocolate??” One of the greatest ideas I’ve ever had :)

So I put some in a pan and added some milk. Heated it up and oh, my-lanta – it was just as heavenly as I’d imagined it would be. My first batch of Nutella Hot Chocolate had a bit too much milk which, thankfully, adding another tablespoon or two of Nutella fixed that problem pretty quickly. Which only produced more of the Nutella Hot Chocolate so who was I to complain?

Since that cold and blustery snowstorm (we ended up with over 18 inches!) I’ve made this Nutella Hot Chocolate countless times. These are now the ratios I always use and it’s always delicious every time. Almost makes me wish there was a snowstorm coming!

A few more delicious Nutella recipes:


2-ingredient Nutella hot chocolate

Nutella Hot Chocolate (just 2 ingredients!)

Yield: 2 servings
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 6 minutes
Total Time: 7 minutes


  • 2 – 3 Tablespoons Nutella
  • 1 1/2 cups milk, I like to use Almond Milk but any milk will do


  1. Place ingredients in a small saucepan and heat until steaming hot. Whisk vigorously until frothy and serve.
  2. (I sometimes put freshly whipped cream and chocolate shavings for presentation but the hot chocolate is so rich and creamy on its own that it really doesn’t need it).



Kristy Bernardo
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Michelle @ Healthy Recipe Ecstasy

Thursday 23rd of October 2014

WOW! I am so making this!! I'm not even going to wait for colder temps. It's cold enough. I love that you used almond milk. :) :)

Kristy Bernardo

Thursday 23rd of October 2014

Almond milk is the BEST!! Thanks, Michelle:)


Monday 10th of March 2014

what a brilliant idea! such a simple way to make a delicious hot drink

the wicked noodle

Wednesday 19th of March 2014

Thank you, Jenny!


Friday 7th of March 2014

RT @OrgasmicChef: 2-ingredient Nutella hot chocolate #Nutella #foodporn via @thewickednoodle

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