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Oyster Stew Recipe

This easy Oyster Stew Recipe has been handed down through the generations in our family. Just three ingredients and it’s absolutely delicious!

Oyster Stew will always bring memories of my mom to mind.

This easy Oyster Stew Recipe has just three ingredients and is absolutely delicious!

I have a lot of great memories from my childhood, many which are closely tied to food in some way. My mom cooked a meal just about every night and we sat down together and enjoyed dinnertime as a family. I wouldn’t trade those precious times for anything and, having heard from many of you via email regarding this topic, I know many of you feel the same.

But the reason I bring up Oyster Stew is that it was a dish that my mom and I shared alone. I was the youngest daughter of three and as each of my sisters left the house to venture out on their own, for a few years it was just my mom, dad and me.

Occasionally my dad would be working late and on those evenings it was just the two of us for dinner. Instead of getting takeout or heating up a frozen dinner (I’m dating myself by saying this but TV dinners were quite popular in those days), my mom would make us Oyster Stew.

The tradition began because I was the only one in the house who liked it as much as she did and it eventually became something we would both really look forward to; I always knew that on the nights my dad was late, I would be getting mom’s delicious Oyster Stew. She loved the oysters and I loved the broth, so we had our portions already mapped out once the stew was ready.

It was an easy recipe for her to make and only took a few minutes to prepare. I would help her make the stew and I always enjoyed that extra bit of time we’d have together in the kitchen. I wasn’t that interested in cooking back then but because I loved mom’s Oyster Stew so much, she already had my buy-in. That’s a trick I use with my own girls to enlist their help in the kitchen, too; if it’s a dish they love and want to eat, it’s more fun for them to help prepare it.   


Oyster stew couldn’t be easier to make. It’s almost as simple as opening up a can and heating it! This particular version is as simple as making oyster stew gets: just heat a can of oysters in a pan along with a little butter, milk and half & half. Season well to taste and enjoy.


This recipe uses canned oysters, but what are their nutritional benefits? Canned oysters are already cooked, making them a safer choice than eating them raw. They’re low in calories and high in protein. They’re packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and are high in iron. They’re also fairly high in carbs, however, so you’ll want to consume them in moderation if you’re following a low-carb or keto diet. But the convenience factor and nutrition they deliver make a strong case for keeping some on your pantry shelf.

Once our Oyster Stew was ready, my mom and I would turn on our little black and white tv and, if we were lucky, it would be Monday night and Little House on the Prairie would be on, another thing we shared. We’d sit together in the living room – where we were never otherwise allowed to eat – and either watch our show together or simply just quietly eat together, enjoying that special time that we both treasure.

This easy Oyster Stew Recipe has just three ingredients and is absolutely delicious!

Our Oyster Stew nights are one of my most treasured memories with my mom (and I have many). Food has a way of bringing us all together in a way that nothing else can and my mom knew it.

She has memories of her mom’s clam dip, which was made countless times when my mom was young; today, my mom makes it for every gathering (and it’s good, too, I’ll have to share that one with you all soon). My mom makes it not only because everyone loves it but also because it ties to her past and makes her feel closer to her own mom (who passed away some years ago).

My own kids know that their great-grandmother made that clam dip when their grandmother was young so it’s special to them, too. All of this is a big reason why food is so important to me today, and why I strive to make the time to sit down for dinner with my girls on a consistent basis.

While a large part of sharing meals is to share what’s happening in our days and to stay in tune with what’s going on with each of them, the bigger picture is that I know my girls will remember these special times and be encouraged to carry on these traditions with their own kids. The thought that my great-grandchildren might be told stories about a dish that I made that has been passed down through the generations makes my heart smile. Family dinners are incredibly important and I’m thankful that the wonderful women who came before me took the time to instill those values and traditions in me.

I’m really interested in hearing your own stories about family dinnertime and what it means to you. What memories do you have that are special as a result? What dish or tradition takes you back and makes you proud that you now carry these things forward with your own family? What tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve to encourage family involvement in mealtime? I know you all have a lot to share and I’m looking forward to hearing your own ideas, tips and memories.

I’m so excited and proud to share this easy Oyster Stew recipe with you! I’m sharing it with a lot of pride and a lot of love for a woman who taught me that food and family dinner time means more than simply nourishing our bodies; it also nourishes our souls. And, for that lesson, I will be forever grateful.

{The photo below is the actual recipe card that my mom wrote out years ago. She’s given it to me for safekeeping and I will pass it on to my own girls one day!}

This easy Oyster Stew Recipe has just three ingredients and is absolutely delicious!

This Brunswick Stew is another delicious choice for a cold-weather meal!

This easy Oyster Stew Recipe has just three ingredients and is absolutely delicious!

Oyster Stew Recipe

Yield: 0


  • 1 8- ounce can of oysters, do not drain
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup half & half
  • kosher salt & freshly ground black pepper, to taste


  1. Heat all ingredients in a pan over medium heat until very hot (do not boil). Season to taste and serve immediately.
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Lori Ball

Sunday 16th of December 2018

I have been looking for a recipe that was like my mom's oyster stew for a few days. Thus is as close as I can get but she added some worsheshester sauce. I know I spelled that wrong but I think it was only a few dashes up to a teaspoon. Thank you so very much. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Saturday 31st of March 2018

I hope this Oyster Stew recipe is half as enjoyable as the well-written story that came with it. My Mom made oyster stew every New Year's eve. She ate the broth, Dad and shared the oysters (in the 60s and early 70s). Thank You!

Kristy Bernardo

Saturday 31st of March 2018

I love this, Jeff! Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers :)

Deb Hinton

Sunday 31st of December 2017

Had this for dinner tonight. It tasted just like what we had when I was younger. Love it! I doubled everything and added 2Tbsp of butter. It was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It is a keeper.

Kristy Bernardo

Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

This is great! It's such a simple but dear recipe to me and I love that you enjoyed it. Thanks, Deb, and Happy New Year!

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Friday 8th of May 2015

[…] town in Northern Minnesota. I shared the special memories I have when my mom and I would share Oyster Stew, just the two of us. I still find it fascinating that in 1900 we ate 98% of our meals in our homes […]

Amy at Very Culinary

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

I have super fond memories of helping my mom make egg rolls and pot stickers from scratch. It was like an assembly line and I would help her all day. Only me, not my sister. I love oysters and how incredibly simple this soup is. Pinned!

Kristy Bernardo

Wednesday 29th of April 2015

What a great memory, Amy! Those are things you can never trade, so special.

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