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Pork Chop Recipes | Plus the Ultimate Guide on How to Cook Them

A collection of fantastic Pork Chop Recipes from healthy to cheesy! Plus the Ultimate Guide on how to cook juicy tender and flavorful pork chops every time.

I’ve met very few chefs who enjoy cooking pork chops. Oh, they’re out there, it’s just that cooking pork chops – and cooking them well – can be one of the more difficult meats to master. Which makes finding truly great pork chop recipes difficult at times.

A common myth when cooking pork chops is that the meat should be cooked all the way through with absolutely no pink color. Although this was the common way to cook pork for many years, the USDA lowered its safe cooking temperature to 145 degrees from the longstanding 160 back in 2011. This meant that pork could now be safely cooked to 135 degrees then left to rest after removing from the pan/oven/grill to allow “carryover cooking” to occur. The carryover cooking would then bring the pork chops to a safe 145 degrees with just a hint of juicy pink in the center.

Many pork chop recipes you’ll find on the internet and in cookbooks that were written before 2011 still instruct the chef to cook their pork to that higher temperature – typically resulting in a dry, flavorless pork chop. The great news is that you not only can cook your pork chops for less time and to a lower temperature but there are other ways you can ensure that your pork chop recipes come out juicy and flavorful every time.

BRINING: Submerging pork (or other lean meats) into a saltwater mixture in order to help reduce moisture loss during the cooking process. You’ve probably heard of or even done this with your Thanksgiving turkey, but did you know that it also makes a huge difference when cooking pork chops? Brining your pork chops for as little as 30 minutes can make a big difference.

BRING IT TO ROOM TEMP: You’ve likely heard this about steak but it’s especially true for pork. Remove your pork chops from the refrigerator 30-60 minutes before cooking so they can get to room temperature all the way through. If the center is colder than the outer edge then your pork chops won’t cook evenly, resulting in a drier chop.

CHOOSE BONE-IN WHEN YOU CAN: Boneless chops might look neater and prettier but that bone adds a lot of flavor. Plus you can forget your manners and work on getting every last bit of meat off when no one’s looking :)

ALWAYS BEGIN WITH A SCREAMIN’ HOT PAN: I’ve been telling you that about mushrooms for years but did you know it’s also true about pork chops? The only difference is you won’t keep it that hot, you only want to get a great sear on your pork before reducing the heat to finish cooking the middle (or even just finish it in the oven).

USE A MEAT THERMOMETER: You’re shooting for a nice 135 degrees with pork chops so that carryover cooking while the meat “rests’ (see the tip below) can take place. The temperature will rise to 145 after about 10 minutes of resting time (which will also help the juices to redistribute so they stay inside the meat and don’t leak all over the plate when first cut into). {Side note: this really awesome article over at Serious Eats suggests cooking your pork chops to an even lower temperature. I do this on occasion and haven’t keeled over yet but I’ll let you make that decision for yourself}

ALLOW YOUR PORK TO REST: Once your pork chops reach 135 degrees, set them on a plate or clean cutting board and “tent” them loosely with some foil. This will do all the wonderful things we talked about in the last pork cooking tip, like make your pork chops more juicy and raising the cooking temp to a safe but yummy level.

LEAVE THE FAT: You can always trim the fat once your pork chops are cooked. But allowing the fat to stay on through cooking will help keep your chops basted and therefore just a little more juicy.

THICKER CHOPS, BETTER SEAR: A good “sear” is when you get that nice brown crust on the surface of the meat. It adds not only texture but killer flavor and it’s what you should always be shooting for. Because high heat is essential for a good sear, choosing thicker pork chops (at least an inch) will allow your chops time to get that good sear without overcooking.

Awesome tips for cooking juicy, flavorful pork chops every time! Plus some really awesome pork chop recipes.

Now that I’ve told you all the things you can do to make your pork chop recipes come out perfect every time…let’s get to the fun part! I did promise you some kickass Pork Chop Recipes, didn’t I? And believe you me, I have some for you. What I love about pork chop recipes is that they run the gamut from quick-cooking healthy to drenched in sauces and cheese for something comforting. I also love that pork chop recipes are typically easy and don’t take much time before you’ve got a delicious pork dinner before you. So without further adieu, here are 25 AWESOME Pork Chop Recipes just for you!

Brown Butter Pork Chops with Apples & Onions | Pork Chop Recipe

25 Awesome Pork Chop Recipes

1. These Brown Butter Pork Chops with Apples & Onions (photo above) are absolutely gorgeous! I can see why Michelle from The Lucky Penny blog chose to make these for a Valentine’s Dinner for Two. I’d happily double this recipe just for the leftovers!

2. These Pineapple Grilled Pork Chops have just a few ingredients and plenty of great ratings which makes me want to break out my grill immediately! I would probably go for real pineapple and garlic, but in any case it looks like it has a ton of flavor.

3.Bacon Jam Pork Chops have Bacon Jam in the recipe name. I’m pretty sure that nothing more needs to be said.

4.Honey Garlic Pork Chops have just four ingredients, are ready in 20 minutes and have only 200 calories per serving. If only all pork chop recipes were this easy and healthy!

5. I love pork chop recipes that use mustard, one of my favorite condiments. Using the Instant Pot to make them is even better! Try these Instant Pot Pork Chops with a Dijon Butter Sauce for an easy, delicious meal.

Herb Crusted Pork Chops | Pork Chop Recipes

6. Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny has some great pork chop recipes and the one in the photo above is no exception. Her Herb Crusted Pork Chops have such a gorgeous crust!

7. Think Pork Chops with Red Onion Confit (“con-fee”) sounds fancy? You’ll only need six ingredients to make this sophisticated dish (two of which are butter and salt)!

8.Weight Watchers Barbecue Pork Chops from Lori Lange over at Recipe Girl don’t look like they’d be low-calorie based on her gorgeous photos! Her suggestion to serve it with rice to soak up the delicious sauce sounds spot-on.

9. I’m a huge chimichurri fan (as evidenced by my How to Make Chimichurri and 20 ways to use it and my Steak, Potato & Summer Veggie Skillet with Chimichurri) so these Grilled Pork Chops with Chimichurri sound right up my alley. If you haven’t tried making chimichurri before, this looks like a great recipe to try.

10. I’m pretty certain that if at any given time someone made me these Apricot Plum Pork Chops in a White Wine Sauce that I’d love them forever. Or at least until the meal was over :)

11. And sometimes you just need some old fashioned Pork Chops and Beans. I’ve met Laura from Real Mom Kitchen and she’s not only nice but she has some killer pork chop recipes. I’m sure her pork & beans are fantastic!

Jack Daniels Double Kick Pork Chop Recipe - these bad boys are filled with flavor!!

12. I’m too busy drooling over those Jack Daniels Double Kick Pork Chops to even think about forming actual words! I mean, seriously…how amazing does that sauce look??!

13. I love my spicy {insert any food here} more than anything and pork chops are certainly no exception. Which is why these AWESOME-looking Spicy Grilled Jerk Pork Chops are on my must-try list!

14. These Crunchy Baked Pork Chops from Smitten Kitchen (and originally from Cooks Illustrated) use homemade bread crumbs with shallots, garlic, parsley, thyme and parmesan. If you haven’t tried making homemade bread crumbs, this recipe would be a tasty opportunity!

15. Pork Chops Baked with Wild Mushrooms and Creme Fraiche, anyone? If I were ever to serve pork chops at a dinner party, this would be what I would serve.

16. Thirty-five people say that this recipe for Pork Chops with Orange and Ginger Sauce is a winner. After reading the list of ingredients, I’m inclined to agree.

17. Tuscan Pork Chops for when you’re in the mood for some killer Italian food!

18. I am of German heritage and love all things Schnitzel. This recipe for Butter Schnitzel sounds like a dish I wouldn’t be able to resist.

19. Have you tried stuffing pork chops? One of my favorites is Pork Chops Stuffed with Feta and Spinach.

20. But there’s really nothing like Pork Chops Stuffed with Bacon & Blue Cheese. (Except maybe my Bacon Blue Cheese Bread!)

Cheesy Garlic & Brown Sugar Pork Chop Recipe - omg, how good do these look?

21. In the photo above we have some Cheesy Garlic & Brown Sugar Pork Chops. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pork chop recipe that was that cheesy and gooey looking! Looks like a must-try recipe to me!

22. Get healthy with this fantastic recipe for Pork Chops with Cherry Couscous from Cooking Light.

23. If you’re diabetic (or know someone who is) then this recipe from Diabetic Living is perfect for you. I’m not diabetic but this 25-minute Pork Diane looks fantastic anyway!

24. These Grilled Pork Chops with Tomatillo Salsa are served with fresh tortillas on the side for a killer Mexican-themed meal.

25. And last but far from least, these Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Green Peppercorn Sauce sound like a meal fit for a king! Or, at the very least, a serious pork chop lover.

That’s the end of our pork chop recipes and our pork programming. Be sure to tune in next time!

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