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30 Inspiring Ramen Noodle Recipes

Ramen Noodles are cheap yet so easy to turn into a hearty meal. Here are 30 fantastic and easy Ramen Noodle Recipes for you to try for your next easy, delicious meal!

When I first my Asian Ramen Noodle Salad, ramen noodles were on my list to pick up at the store. And – correct me if I’m wrong – it’s impossible to purchase just one package. I always buy at least two or three for a quick lunch with poached eggs, spinach and hot sauce.

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You’ll want to browse all of the recipes below, but here are a few suggestions for easy additions in just a few seconds:

  • Eggs – crack an egg or two into the simmering water about a minute before the noodles are done.
  • Add a handful of spinach just before serving
  • A dash or two of your favorite hot sauce. I recommend Sriracha. Red pepper flakes or aleppo pepper are also wonderful.
  • A dash of soy sauce
  • A drop or two of sesame oil
  • Bok choy instantly makes a meal out of instant noodles. They need about 4 minutes to cook so add them first and the noodles a couple of minutes later.
  • Stir in some chopped bell pepper
  • Bean sprouts, sesame seeds, and/or a sliced scallion are great as toppings in combination with any of the above.
  • Make a quick ramen noodle stir fry with drained, cooked noodles, leftover chopped chicken or beef, a little hoisin sauce, and any combination of the ingredients above.

But there are so many other amazing ramen noodle recipes out there (wait until you see the dessert, yowza!) that I decided to put some of my favorites together.

How do you make Instant Ramen noodles?

You can ask just about any college kid this question and they’ll give you the answer. But since you’re here, I’ll save you the trouble.

Pick up a package of Maruchan, Top Ramen or whatever your favorite brand is. There will be directions on the package, but basically, you boil two cups of water, add the noodles and cook a few minutes, then add a seasoning packet that comes inside the package.

How do you cook Ramen noodles in the microwave?

For this method, you’ll basically cook the noodles and water together for a few minutes until the noodles are cooked through, then you’ll add the seasoning packet. But be sure to read the directions for the brand you’ve purchased as this may vary.

Are Ramen noodles bad for you?

I’m not a doctor, dietician or otherwise a person in a position to offer medical or nutritional advice. What I can tell you is that ramen noodles are incredibly high in sodium and are far from “natural” food.

Still, I love the stuff. I eat them in moderation and add some healthy toppings to balance things out. Using it as a base for something even more delicious is what recipes are all about, so choose toppings and additions that are good for you whenever possible.

Ramen Noodle Recipes

Ramen Noodle Recipes

I asked some of my favorite food blogging friends for their own delicious ramen noodle recipes using this fast and economical ingredient. I think you’ll be pleased with what they offered up. Others I’ve tried personally and some just look too good not to share.

30 Inspiring Ramen Noodle Recipes

Ramen Noodles are cheap yet so easy to turn into a hearty meal. Here are 30 fantastic Ramen Noodle Recipes for you to try for your next easy, delicious meal!

I’d love to hear what ramen tricks you all have up your sleeves. Share an easy ramen noodle recipe, a link or a tip for what you do with your ramen!

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Julia Stearns @ Healthirony

Monday 18th of March 2019

Wow! This Shiitake Mushroom and Kale Ramen Noodles are fantastic. I bet they would be scrumptious and amazing for kids. Will definitely try this for my son.

Joanne Hill

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

The Ramen noodles that I purchase are in pk. with seasoning. The last ones I bought the noodles out of the pk. have oil on them. and didn't have the flavor it used to, Is this ok? I threw several of them out and only kept the seasoning pk. I buy all flavors , thank you in advance. Joanne Hill

Kristy Bernardo

Friday 24th of June 2016

Hi Joanne, I'm not sure the difference; I usually use the packaged ramen noodle that are dry. It sounds as if either would work in these recipes though. Have a great day!


Thursday 26th of May 2016

I found you by searching "Curry Ramen". I recently discovered Japanese curry rice and used some leftover curry sauce in my ramen broth with soy, ginger, dashi, Sriracha and garlic. Topped with egg, a few slices of steak and kimchi furikake. Wonderful!

Kristy Bernardo

Friday 27th of May 2016

Hi Ian! Curry sauce in your ramen broth is such a great idea! I love it. I'm going to remember that one. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you found your way here. Cheers :)


Saturday 17th of January 2015

What an incredible variety. Awesome job curating! I usually have fresh ramen noodles in the fridge, but now I'm tempted to keep a stockpile of dried ramen as well. :-)

Kristy Bernardo

Sunday 18th of January 2015

Thanks so much, Susan!


Saturday 17th of January 2015

These look amazing! You really know how to dress up a Ramen Noodle!

Kristy Bernardo

Sunday 18th of January 2015

Thanks, Valerie!