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refreshing raspberry-mint cocktail

citron cocktail

I had a really hard time coming up with a good name for this cocktail. On the Absolut site, it’s called a Von Matern Cooler, which is a fine name except that I have absolutely no idea what it means. And a quick google search didn’t offer much help. So “Refreshing Raspberry Mint Cocktail” it is!

I know, not much better. But at least you know a teensy bit more about what’s actually in it, right?

I also know that technically it’s the middle of winter yet I find myself making all these summery drinks with fresh berries in them. But since it’s been almost 70 degrees here in VA for days on end it almost makes sense. What winter?!! We certainly haven’t had much of one {not even one measly snow day – not even a two-hour-delay day}!

So this cocktail…it’s my favorite one yet since I committed to posting a new one every week. Well…maybe the lemongrass mojito cocktail is my favorite…I don’t know. Alan tells me that whatever cocktail is in my hand at the moment seems to be my favorite, much like whatever dinner is on the table. Sigh…it’s not easy loving every type of food imaginable.

But this IS really, really good and refreshing. It uses Absolut Citron, which was a new type of booze for me but one that I’ll definitely keep around. It goes really well with fresh berries and would be really refreshing at a barbecue in the hot sun. Cutting down a bit on the alcohol content didn’t affect the flavor too much, and then you can have two. Or three!

So…you start by putting some raspberries and fresh mint into a glass. Don’t use your prettiest leaves here; save them for your garnish.

absolut citron cocktail

Next, “muddle” it all together. Which basically means to smoosh it up as much as possible. The raspberries are easy, so pay attention to the mint to make sure you release its flavor.

muddle raspberries

Now, just fill your glass with ice, add a shot of Absolut Citron and fill the rest with lemon-lime soda. Squeeze a lime wedge and you’re all set!

raspberry cocktail

Serve with extra fresh raspberries and mint on the side. See those cute little plates in the picture? I found them at Wegman’s a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been using them with everything! Mostly just for food photography so far but I’m certain that I’ll use them for just about anything. They come with little forks and spoons, too. I love them!

After you put your drink together, you’ll want to mix it all up before tasting. It won’t look as pretty, but it sure does taste delicious!

absolut cocktail

Doesn’t the red look gorgeous though? I love that it’s naturally red from the raspberries, without any food coloring. It would be a perfect cocktail for Valentine’s day!

The recipe is pretty straight-forward, but here’s a printable recipe just in case!

Refreshing Raspberry-Mint Cocktail (aka Von Matern)

1 Part Absolut Citron (about an ounce and a half)
Lemon-Lime Soda
4 whole Raspberries (I used 5 or 6)
4 whole mint leaves
1 lime wedge (don’t leave it out; it makes a surprisingly big difference)

Muddle raspberry and mint leaf in a highball glass. Fill with ice cubes. Add ABSOLUT Citron. Fill with lemon-lime soda. Stir. Garnish with lime.

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Sydney James

Saturday 18th of February 2012

Yumm! I love the idea of adding mint. I'm afraid of getting bad breath after drinking alcohol but I think the mint mixed with vodka would fix that fear ;)


Saturday 18th of February 2012

Looks so refreshing and cool! I love raspberry!

Shannon Sachvie

Saturday 18th of February 2012

Looks refreshing and the picture makes me thirsty!


Saturday 18th of February 2012

The red does look gorgeous! :) I looove cocktail posts and this one gets me excited about trying my own at home.


Friday 17th of February 2012

I can't believe you have invented this cocktail! I feel like I will never be creative enough to do something like this. Good job! It looks great!