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Steak Stones – Hot Stone Cooking

If you haven’t experienced steak stones you’re missing out. You can cook to the exact cut and doneness, every bite is perfectly hot, and it’s an amazingly fun experience.

Steak Stones Hot Stone Cooking

Have you ever wanted every bite of steak to be just as hot as the first? That was me, so after some research I discovered cooking stones, and we have loved them ever since! What we didn’t expect was how much of a fun and unique dinner experience it was going to be for friends and family.

Why You’ll Love Steak Stones

  • Wow factor: Steak on a stone is a unique cooking experience where everyone is cooking restaurant quality steaks right at home, plus it’s the best dinner party idea to impress your guests.
  • Hot Stone Cooking at Home: Kids will love cooking their own food, and dad and mom will love cooking their food to their desired perfection.
  • Cook your meal how you like it: The meat and other foods can be cut and cooked as you like. Seared, medium, or well done? It’s your choice plus every bite of steak is just as hot as the first.
  • Interactive experience: Everybody joins in on the fun and it’s a lively way for everybody to be engaged.
  • Versatile: Surf and turf lovers can eat steak and lobster, vegans can cook vegetables, and kids can heat up hots dogs and have fun with bean sprouts.

What Are Steak Stones Made Of?

Cooking stones, also known as lava cooking stones, are typically made of volcanic rock or thick granite. There are several household brands out there but we use Black Rock Grill Lava Stones. Initially we bought one but found that two are perfect for our family and a small party. Black Rock steak rocks are not cheap, but we have loved having them and so have our guests. These are also perfect gifts. What “hard to find a gift for dad” wouldn’t love these?

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How To Cook Steak With Steak Stones

  1. Heat the Stone to 550°F to 650°F in the oven, grill, or BBQ.
    • Oven: 1 hour
    • Gas or Electric Hob: 30 to 40 minutes
    • BBQ Grill: 40 minutes
    • Times may vary based on the type of stone and manufacturer
  2. Season your steak.
  3. Prepare your sides and sauces and layout the utensils, knives, etc.
  4. Once the hot stone is properly heated, transfer to the table.
  5. Rub with a light coat of olive oil, vegetable oil, or cooking spray. Sea salt flakes are a great addition too.
  6. Place your selected meats, fish, poultry, or vegetables on the hot stone and cook to your liking.
  7. Cut and cook every bite exactly as you like.

What To Cook On A Hot Stone

Steak is the most obvious answer but there are many meats and other foods that can be cooked on a hot stone. Here are a few ideas but certainly not a complete list.

Steak Stone Tips

  • Buy more than one for bigger groups. This also enables you to bring the hot stones out at different times or to reheat.
  • Use 930°F heat resistant gloves or a rock pick to move the stone when hot.
  • Have all your sides and sauces ready before bringing out the stones. You’ll have about 30 minutes to cook your meat and you’ll want to enjoy that time eating, not preparing.
  • If you overload the steak board with too much cold meat it will cool quicker.
  • Depending on the stone temperature, the meats will be seared in as little as 40 seconds and then can be flipped. Leave on longer depending on desired doneness.
  • Fish can be cooked through from one side.
  • Cut the steak into slices ahead of time to make it easier to sear.
  • Do serve sauces and sides to complement and enhance the experience.
  • Don’t pour sauces directly on the steak stone as it may cause them to boil or splatter.
  • The stones will last longer than 30 minutes but the cooking will get slower as time goes on.
  • If you’re starting with raw meat, use different utensils to cook than the ones you’re eating with. Also, don’t leave utensils on the stone.
  • Never touch the hot rock with your hands and be careful to watch children.
Steak Stones TWN

How to Clean Steak Stones

  1. Wash under warm running water with a soapy metal scourer. Do not immerse the rock in water or leave it soaking in water. Immersing the stone in water may cause it to fracture.
  2. Once clean, pat dry and store in a dry area.
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