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the candy cake

candy cake recipe

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not much of a cake baker. I’m really not into making “fancy” cakes of any kind. Too putsy and time consuming, when all I want to do is eat! Not to mention that I always seem to have trouble coming up with great kids birthday cake ideas.

Enter the candy cake. I saw this cake last summer (it’s worth a look since they do look slightly different) and knew that I absolutely had to make it! It’s super easy and looks pretty cool, too. My girls couldn’t wait to dig in!

I made the cake while visiting my parents in Wisconsin, so I had to make some slight alterations since my mom didn’t have two regular sized cake pans. She did have some really cool large round cake pans though, plus some tiny heart shaped ones. I ended up making enough batter for two cakes, using a small amount for the hearts and putting the rest in one large round pan. As you can see, we put the hearts on top to elevate the figures (one daughter likes power rangers and the other princesses ;). It was fun to make, fun to see their faces light up, and definitely fun to eat!

the candy cake

All you need to do is make your favorite cake and frost it (but don’t worry about getting it perfect since it will be covered up). Place kit-kats around the outside, then pour m&m’s on the top. I used mini m&m’s for the top, and regular-sized for the sides. Use a toothpick to add just a smidge of frosting to the regular-sized m&m’s, then adhere to the bottoms of the kit-kats. Add a pretty bow, and voila! A fun cake that’s a fraction of the cost of something you’d pay for at a cake store!

If you like this kids birthday cake idea and end up making it for your own kids (or just for you!), please make sure to send me a pic so I can post it. It’s fun to see the different variations people come up with!

Update, September 2014: Michelle R., a really nice reader who took the time to email me to tell me that she made this cake for her grandson, sent this photo! Didn’t she do an amazing job?? I love the alternating Kit Kat colors and the decorations she used on top. Thanks so much for sharing this, Michelle, and Happy Birthday to your grandson!

The Candy Cake - so easy to make and always looks impressive!

Kristy Bernardo
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Wednesday 6th of July 2011

Wow,  so wonderful cake is this. I like this idea that make circle of chocolate and filled it with jems. Children loved this  very much and enjoy so much. A toys are making it very beautiful.  The picture of cake is so nice one for me.


Thursday 15th of August 2013

Love this! After looking through tons of cakes,my son decided on this one. We are putting Skylanders on top to make it "really" cool! Thanks for such a cool idea! Easy too!


Sunday 8th of August 2010

Oh my goodness that cake looks so tasty! I'm going to have to make that for my boyfriend at some point (he's obsessed with candy, hehe).

Was thinking of you during the BlogHer conference and how nice it would have been to have seen you again - hard to believe the POM Harvest Tour was nearly a year ago!


Friday 6th of August 2010

I made this cake last year. I love it!

lisa, too!

Sunday 1st of August 2010

How fun! I don't think my candies would make it to the cake, though... How super adorable. Thanks for the idea!

Chef Dennis

Saturday 31st of July 2010

now thats one heck of a candy can only imagine the magnitude of the sugar rush....what a wonderful thing! Now cut me a piece quick!!!!!