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The Chef’s Table Experience – Princess Cruises

Something special happens when amazing food, great ambiance and special people come together at the same time. That’s something that is tough to make happen at will; there’s a magic to it that most restaurants are never able to fully pull off.  Which is why you must, must, must dine at Chef’s Table at least once.

I experienced Chef’s Table on my recent Princess Cruise and it was, without question, my favorite part of our entire trip. And that’s not easily chosen with all the amazing things we experienced! For starters, the food was exceptional. We started in the galley with champagne and appetizers, such as Fresh Alaskan Halibut Tartare and Fontina Cheese & White Truffle Mini Quiche, before being escorted out to our table.

Chef's Table, Ruby Princess

Our first course was a Wild Porcini Mushroom risotto – heaven. One of my favorite dishes of the evening. What an impressive menu it was!

After the risotto they treated us to a Raspberry Sorbet “palate cleanser”, which was sorbet topped with vodka. This course was several guest’s favorite (I loved it but still favored that incredible risotto). But this course definitely took my top vote for its fun factor as you can see in this video clip: 

The cheese course was another favorite with a Baked Camembert that had a wonderful texture from pine nuts and a port wine reduction that had me {almost} licking the plate. Most surprising, however, was just how much we all loved dessert. In my experience with fine dining, it’s not uncommon to have a great dinner with the dessert falling short. I’m not sure why that is but it seems that restaurants typically view dessert as an afterthought and put all their efforts into everything else. Not the case here. This dessert – Chocolate Praline Timbale with Hazelnut Mousse – was stunningly gorgeous yet its flavor surpassed it. We ALL raved!!

Chef's Table, Ruby Princess

What really made this dinner memorable was the outstanding staff that took such care to serve us well. You’d think that just being on the cruise was enough pampering but Princess had more in mind. The wait staff and chefs didn’t just cater to us, they entertained us. We were relaxed and happy and laughing through it all. Every Princess Cruise I take from here on out will always, always include Chef’s Table. You can make reservations on the first day of your cruise, so be ready!

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