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Wegmans Meals 2GO

I haven’t been this excited about meal delivery in a very long time! Wegmans Meals 2GO has become our weekly choice since it has something for everyone.

The fact that I cook for a living means that we eat a lot of home-cooked meals. However, the fact that I cook for a living can also mean that I tire of cooking all the time. It was a hobby that I loved that turned into a job – and it can definitely feel like a job sometimes.

Even before it was my career, there were nights that I either didn’t have the energy left at the end of the day or I simply didn’t have the time. Take out was a good option but getting everyone to agree on where to order from wasn’t always easy either.

With the new Wegmans Meals 2GO app, take out or delivery is so simple! And because there are so many options to choose from, everyone is always on board.

What we order from Wegmans Meals 2GO

Kylie gets the King Salmon Combo (which has Wegmans exclusive Alpine King Salmon and it is to die for). Rob and I opt for the King of Poke bowls because we can get them with the zucchini noodle and arugula mix (also with the Alpine King Salmon and also to die for)! Katie usually goes Asian with either the sesame chicken or she’ll also go for sushi with a California Roll.

An order of Wegmans salmon sushi, delivered by Wegmans Meals 2go

But Wegmans Meals 2GO doesn’t just offer sushi and Asian meals. You can also choose from pizza, wings, subs, salads, soups, ready-to-heat meals, desserts and beverages.

Today for lunch I ordered 10 wings and the Asian green beans (and a King Poke Bowl for Rob for dinner since I’m not home tonight). It took me about a minute to order and they’ll bring it right to my door! Which means I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to make lunch.

The Wegmans Meals 2GO app means that I can get the freshly-prepared foods I love for lunch and dinner anytime I want. You can choose from carryout, curbside or home delivery. Wegmans will be rolling this service out to stores throughout the year. Download today and check for availability near you!

How far in advance can you place a Wegmans Meals 2GO order?

Another great thing about the app is that you can order up to a week ahead of time. I’ve used this feature for days when I know in advance that a particular day is going to be insanely busy.

I ordered our dinner four days in advance, which helped ease the stress of the day knowing that dinner was covered. I was able to walk in the door after my very long, tiring day knowing that dinner was about to arrive!

To show you how easy it is to use the Wegmans Meals 2GO app, I made a video showing both how to use the app and us picking up our meals using curbside delivery. Check it out below:


Here’s a screenshot of placing that order:

You’ll receive a confirmation once your order is placed:

Once you arrive at your local Wegmans, pull into one of the designated curbside delivery spots. There will be a sign marking the spot which will instruct you to text your spot number to a number provided (in our case, we were in spot 1 as in the screenshot below). You’ll receive a text telling you that your order will be out as soon as it’s ready, and another when they’re bringing out your delicious lunch or dinner.

Here’s a screenshot of the texts I received when we ordered home delivery. I love that I was notified when the order was received along with the estimated delivery time, another when the driver was almost to my house and another to let me know it was delivered. Having the opportunity to rate the experience is a nice touch!

Head over to the official Wegmans Meals 2GO page to find out where to download the app!

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