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32 Whole 30 Breakfast Recipes

These Whole 30 Breakfast Recipes are great additions to your meal rotation. If you’re tired of eggs, we’re including egg-free ideas, as well as some that sneak in extra veggies. We also have some great quick and easy options for those rushed mornings when you have to get out the door quickly. These Whole 30 breakfasts ideas will give you energy to get through your day, and they’ll get you excited about starting your morning.

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Whole 30 Breakfast Recipes

What’s for Breakfast on Whole 30?

Eggs are of course your go to when you start Whole 30. You know them well and they are easy to make right? But some people complain that they get tired of eggs for breakfast, and some people just don’t like them. So what do you do when toast and bagels are no longer an option?

It’s ok to eat fruit. Whole 30 says to limit your fruit intake, but there are lots of excellent fruit based breakfast ideas that are nutrient dense and satisfying. My favorite is something called Monkey Salad. It’s super easy to make and when I eat this for breakfast, I don’t feel hungry for hours. Grab a bowl and add a sliced banana, blueberries, and a handful of cashews. Drizzle it with almond butter and throw on some coconut flakes and breakfast is served. You’ll find recipes for this, but I don’t measure, I just add my preferred amount.

My other go-to egg-free breakfast is soup. Yes, soup. I love a good warm bowl of soup for breakfast. I like to batch prep one or two per week to keep on hand for breakfast and lunch. My favorites? Potato soup (because bacon for breakfast), and my homemade turkey vegetable soup (I’ll share this recipe with you soon!). These are comfort food in a bowl and they keep me satisfied all morning without making me feel full.

The thing to remember about Whole 30 is there are no rules…yes, there are foods you can’t eat, but outside of that, you can eat whatever you want. Baked potatoes with pulled pork? Why not? Salad for breakfast? Yes! I’ve got some great ones for you to try. Smoothies? Sure! Whole 30 likes you to eat your calories instead of drink them, but they’re still a good source of nutrition if that’s what you like.

Get creative! Here’s a list of easy and delicious Whole 30 Breakfast recipes to get you started.

Whole 30 Breakfast Recipes

Here's a list of Whole 30 Breakfast Recipes to help you kick-start your morning routine! I'll include egg-free dishes, fruit-friendly options, quick and easy ideas, plus plenty of protein and veggie-based recipes that keep you feeling satisfied all morning.

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