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valentine's day dessert

I just love, love, love these little spoons!

I had a wine tasting at my house last night (more on that in a post next week – it was super fun!) and although we had dishes prepared to match each wine, we didn’t have a dessert on the menu. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I decided to make these little chocolate spoons for anyone who wanted a sweet ending to the meal.

chocolate dessert

As you probably assume, they’re incredibly easy to make. You can use almost any type of spoon; I used both plastic and silver spoons.

easy chocolate valentine's dessert

To get started, you’ll need just a few ingredients: chocolate, spoons and assorted sprinkles. I also highly suggest these bags from Wilton that will make melting chocolate so much easier. I saw them at Michaels and decided to give them a shot just for this project. LOVE!! I always dread cleaning the bowl or pan after melting chocolate and those little bags are a breeze to work with.

wilton chocolate bags

Once you have your supplies, level out your spoons by setting the handle end onto a book or something similar at the height you need. If you don’t level your spoons the chocolate won’t spread nicely. Then just melt your chocolate and drizzle onto your spoons!

edible glitter

I used three different kinds of chocolate: dark, milk and white for drizzling. You can decorate your spoons right away as long as you’re using something that won’t melt from the heat of the warm chocolate. If that’s the case, just wait a little while until it cools. Fifteen minutes should do the trick.

easy kids dessert

I also used some edible heart-shaped glitter I found at Michaels. When I was done, I just put all my spoons on a platter and set a bowl of heart-shaped gummies from Trader Joe’s in the middle. Everyone loves gummies, even if they won’t admit it.

easy dessert

These would be a fun project to do with your kids, too. I made extra so my girls could decorate them and they were pretty convinced that I was the best mom ever. As long as they believe it, it’s true, right?

valentine's day kids dessert

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  1. Joan Nova says

    I love this! I’m not a baker or big dessert eater, but I like the idea of a little sweet after dinner. This is perfect and so festive looking for a dinner party. Pinning!

  2. Shannon Sachvie says

    These are perfect for someone who just wants a taste of sweetness without all the calories and fat of a huge dessert! Very nice!


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