penne with butternut squash and goat cheese

goat cheese pasta

I finally – finally!! – remembered to bring my camera along when I was cooking for my clients last week. There are so many fabulous recipes I’ve made for them and every week I curse myself when the dishes are finished but I have no camera. I’ve been tempted to whip out the ol’ iPhone when something turned out particularly well, but haven’t yet had the gumption to do that.

I make five dishes for each client, per week. I try to choose dishes that have a couple of easy ones to balance out the more time-consuming; this pasta dish was one of the easy ones. It’s so fast to make – minus the roasting time of the squash, but that’s just time you can use to get some other things done while dinner’s cooking! The best part is that you don’t even cook the sauce, you just mix the goat cheese with the hot pasta water, toss all the ingredients with the sauce and voila! A delicious dinner on the table!

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  1. Michelle says

    Looks so delicious! I love butternut squash and goat cheese (and of course what's not to love about pasta), so i'm sure I would love this!

  2. Pauljennette says

    What a great combo with the butternut squash and goat cheese. We have been trying to eat more pasta over here and I will add this to the list.

  3. says

    Hey Wicked Noodle! This penne dish looks unreal! I have a slight obsession with goat cheese :) This would also be prefect for my vegetarian husband!  Printing now! I would be honored if you would share it on my Recipe of the Week #2 PASTA post! There will be a small gift card giveaway ;) Feel free to share any of your pasta dishes. You can post them until tomorrow. I really hope come join in the fun.

    • says

      Sure, I'll link up! I have an obsession with goat cheese myself :-) You should really try this recipe, it's great. Someone told me the other day that they tried it and added an italian-type bacon to it (it wasn't pancetta but he couldn't remember what he used). Sounded good either way!

  4. Sam says

    My mom tried this out and I didn't know it was Goat cheese!Well, thumbs up because it complimented the taste of the whole dish. :)


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