butternut squash mac ‘n cheese with buttery bacon breadcrumbs

butternut squash mac and cheese

I’ve been making butternut squash mac and cheese for eons. Back when I taught cooking classes for kids, I used to make it on an almost weekly basis. It was a great way to get the kids sold on it and the parents always loved it, too. It’s still one of my most requested recipes from around the neighborhood.

My friend Anetra from Channel 9 News asked if I’d “come on the show and make something with butternut squash, and also maybe a healthier mac and cheese recipe, too?” I told her I had just the thing and agreed to come on and make it for their viewers. And since tomorrow morning is the show, I thought I should share it with you guys first! {scroll to the end for the video!}

There are two ways you can do this: lots of gooey cheese, whole milk & heavy cream plus the buttery bacon breadcrumbs. Or, for a healthy version, you can skip the bacon breadcrumbs, use whole wheat pasta and use low-fat milk in place of whole milk & cream. Heck, you can even make it as a “regular” mac n’ cheese by omitting the squash altogether. Any way you choose to make it, I promise that it will be delicious!

Here’s the recipe as I typically make it, but do feel free to sub some of the ingredients as you like. It makes for a great main or side dish as well as a great make-ahead weeknight meal, too.

butternut squash recipe

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We had a great time yesterday over at Channel 9! My segment was cut at the last minute to a very fast two minutes so there’s not much actual cooking going on – but we adapted and it was a ton of fun anyway!