Corned Beef Recipe with Guinness & Cabbage

This Corned Beef Recipe with Guinness & Cabbage is packed with flavor and so easy. The secret is searing your meat first!



This Corned Beef Recipe with Guinness & Cabbage is packed with flavor and so easy. The secret is searing your meat first!

I have been on a quest for a great corned beef recipe ever since I began learning to cook.

They’re mostly pretty similar, if you’ve seen one corned beef recipe you’ve seen them all. At least the ones that I typically gravitate toward. Especially since I only cook corned beef around March when St. Patrick’s Day reminds me that it’s been awhile.

This corned beef recipe is absolutely perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. I love this time of the year – it’s a time of the year when the Guinness flows (and I’m a big fan, dark beer is a favorite of mine) and not just into beer mugs. It might seem strange to add the Guinness straight into your corned beef recipe but it adds such a wonderful flavor.

Making corned beef is incredibly easy and you might be tempted to just throw all your ingredients into you pan and forget about it. Which is exactly what you should do – that’s why this corned beef recipe is so awesome – but you really don’t want to skip searing the meat first. This is what will add an incredible amount of flavor to the dish. It’s the difference between an “okay” dish and a “wow” dish!

This corned beef recipe is one of the oldest on my site but it’s so delicious that I thought I’d bump it up in case there’s anyone out there who missed it. It has really great flavor and I love the addition of beer, it just adds a depth you couldn’t get otherwise. And the leftovers make such a great corned beef sandwich that you’ll want to make extra!

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  1. Pamela M says

    That looks gorgeous! Do you use the already-brined corned beef that comes with the spice packet for this? Or is it just the beef roast?

  2. says

    Pamela – it's just the roast with the spices in the recipe. If you try it let me know how you like it! I may be making a trip to the store for corned beef and guinness today myself ;-)

  3. says

    As soon as I saw the title…I thought my husband would say, "Can ANYTHING be bad that has with Guinness in it?! lol) We love St. Patty's day for the Corned Beef alone, the good Irish beer is just a bonus…

    PS-Hubby visited the Guinness factory few years back, in Ireland of course. Said it was a true "out of body experience". friend and him sat at the end of tour and drank all the "samples" that the other tourists didn't want…lol

  4. says

    I never know what to do with corned beef, other than season it with the spices it is already pre-packaged with. It's shameful, I know! We're going to give this a try!

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