healthy berry smoothie

super healthy smoothie

Almond milk and silken tofu. That’s what makes this smoothie special.

Before you turn up your nose, you should know that three chicken nugget lovin’ kids gave it three thumbs up. Two of them asked for seconds.


I bought myself a Vitamix six weeks ago. Never a big blender gal, this was a monumental step for me. I’ve coveted the Vitamix for a couple years now but never really thought I’d take the plunge. They’re expensive! Who needs a blender when I’ve got a food processor! Turns out I did. And the thing is…I’m in love.

Seriously, madly, over-the-top will-never-again-be-without-my-Vitamix kind of love. And here’s why:

  1. It works. Go figure, a product that actually does the job it says it will and does it really, really well.
  2. There’s no messing with removing the blade. It stays in there permanently (unless it needs fixing, see #3). No more messing with those little rubber thingies!
  3. It comes with a SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY. And they’ll sharpen your blades for free, so I’m told. Not that you’ll need them sharpened as the blades themselves are actually a bit dull. The Vitamix works so well because the blades go up to 240 miles per hour! It basically obliterates whatever you toss in the pitcher.
  4. You can use it to make soup. What blender can’t make soup, right? Right. But can your blender HEAT UP THE SOUP UNTIL IT’S STEAMING HOT?!! I was skeptical about this point but, I assure you, it really does the job. I now make soup several times a week simply because it takes me five minutes to throw it together and another five while the Vitamix does its thing.
  5. It makes the creamiest hummus you have ever, EVER tasted. I am not kidding. The BEST. HUMMUS. I have EVER tasted.
  6. To clean it you add warm water, a couple drops of dish soap and turn it on. Yep, that’s it. It’s that easy.

There are even more reasons but those, for me, are my big ones. I’m telling you, I just love this thing!! If you’re on the fence about purchasing one, I hope this convinces you because there is no way you will regret it. I’m happy to answer any questions about my experience with it so far, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you right away.

And now, back to that smoothie…

Almond milk, silken tofu, frozen berries. That’s it! And it is so creamy and delicious that you’ll never miss the yogurt, ice cream or anything else you’ve been tossing in yours. You can even add a handful of spinach if you like! It won’t be quite as sweet but that’s what I love about it. Who needs a sugary start to their day? Give it a try and please let me know what you think in the comments below!


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    Now I’m jealous! I always want to have a Vitamix. Well, one of these days. Almond milk is always part of our fridge because my kids are crazy about it and always use it to make smoothies. I am keeping your recipe for my daughter to make. Looks delicious, Kristy.

    • says

      You’ll love it, Christy! I also add it to my soups. Sounds really strange, I know, but even a cream lover like me doesn’t notice the difference. Thanks so much for stopping my!


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