lemon tiramisu {with homemade lemon curd}

lemon tiramisu

This is one of the recipes that I save for when Mom comes to town each spring. It’s not one of my 3-ingredient recipes that I love to throw together when I’m craving something sweet, nor is it one of the things I make when I’m feeling down and need something to cheer me up. This one takes a bit more effort and needs plenty of refrigerator time before I can even consider putting it on the table.

But it’s worth it. It’s both tart and sweet, creamy and luscious. And it’s perfect for springtime.

I start by making my own lemon curd. It’s possible to cut corners here and buy some lemon curd from the store, but in my opinion this is when you don’t want to go there. You know I’m all about shortcuts, but really only when they make sense and won’t impact the quality of a dish. Homemade lemon curd is just sooo much better than store-bought, so do yourself a favor and take the extra step. I have two recipes for lemon curd; one will guarantee you’ll turn out a curd that’s silky and smooth, the other is almost as good but you’ll save some time by making it in the microwave.

I love to serve this tiramisu in mini-dishes; here I’ve used mini trifles, but any mini dish would do. It’s gorgeous – the photos really don’t do it justice – and the clean, fresh flavors are what make it my favorite springtime dessert recipe. Be sure to get some bright, fresh berries or fresh mint leaves to use for a garnish.