Mini Cheese Tarts with Blackberries

Bite-Sized Cheese Tarts with Blackberries - these are so elegant and tasty! Perfect for an appetizer, brunch or shower! | thewickednoodle.comBite-sized goat cheese tarts topped with fresh blackberries and drizzled with honey.

Yes, they’re actually as delicious as their name implies.

These mini cheese tarts are one of my favorite appetizer recipes. They’re elegant and just gorgeous on a plate! I typically double the batch because they always go quickly. Not to mention I need to account for the ones I’ll snack on before serving :)

You know you’ll be doing the same thing.

Although I’m normally not much of a dough maker, I’m good with the type of dough used to make these cheese tarts. Yeast? Forget it. But cream cheese and butter? That I can definitely get behind. Easy to make but doesn’t look like it’s easy to make – my kind of recipe.

Whatever you do, when you make these cheese tarts don’t skip the blackberries! You could sub for raspberries or use a combination of the two, but the berries are what bring all of the flavors together. A great way to get some fiber while adding a bit of sweet, too!


  1. Kati Mora, MS, RD, Kellogg's FiberPlus(R) Wellness Advocate says

    I’m so excited to see that another one of your recipes incorporates blackberries! This looks delicious and I love anything that boosts my daily fiber content – especially when it also satisfies my sweet tooth.

  2. Joan Nova says

    I am definitely not a dough person but I love your little tarts. I’m doing an “anti-football’ gourmet dinner with a few friends for Superbowl. This would be perfect. You have any left over?


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