i’ll take a salted caramel sauce, straight up


salted caramel sauce

I owe y’all a recipe for salted caramel sauce.

When I posted my “recipe” – more of a technique, really – for Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Sandwiches with Toasted Pecans & Salted Caramel – I decided to keep you waiting for the icing on the cake. Or, rather, the caramel on the sandwich.

The thing is, salted caramel deserves it’s very own post. It’s not something you can just casually lump in with something else as if it’s merely an afterthought. It’s so warm & creamy, salty & sweet, it needs to stand alone. It’s so good that’s it’s almost drinkable. Hence the martini glass.

And just to clarify, I didn’t actually drink it. But I wanted to, could have, and probably should have. Katie begged me to let her have a go at it. The fun mom in me really wanted to let her have at it but the sane mom in me won out. I’ve let her have ice cream for dinner…I have to draw the line somewhere.

caramel sauce

The funny thing about salted caramel sauce is that it’s really just caramel sauce…with more salt. Or any salt at all, depending on the recipe. Sure, some of the fancy pants recipes may call for fleur de sel (and oh, is it worth it if you’ve got it) but there’s really not much more to it than that. Which is part of the reason that I love it so much. My recipe fills a couple small jars plus some extra. Around 3 cups-ish? I would know the answer to that if I could keep my spoon out of the pot while still warm. Good luck with that!

caramel sauce recipe

Mine is all gone. Be sad for me.