szechuan beef pasta

szechuan beef pasta recipe

Happy Wednesday!

Today is a quicker post than usual, but I wanted to share this recipe with you before too much time passed! My parents are in town and today my mom and I have a special day planned. We’re headed into Middleburg, a tiny town just down the road from us (although larger than the one we live in). It’s quaint and historical with a lot of great shops to browse. We’re having lunch at The Red Fox Inn, then we’ll walk the town on this gorgeous spring day – it’s going to be in the 70′s! Last night I made some great fish taco appetizers (yes, appetizers!) and some gorgeous strawberry tiramisu cones for dessert…coming very soon and I’m excited about them!

But today I’m going to share one of my family’s faves…szechuan beef pasta. I love this because it’s fast and easy, tastes great but it’s something different to do with boring ol’ ground beef. It tends to be a bit sweet so you might want to start with a bit less hoisin sauce and increase to your taste, and the same goes for the crushed red pepper. I’ve made it with ground turkey, too, and both versions are very tasty.