4th of July Marshmallow Pops {kids recipe}

colored marshmallows

Every time I go to make any type of dish, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, I inevitably hear at least one of my girls begging to help. I love that they’re interested in cooking and that they’re now old enough to actually help and take on some real tasks. Even better than that is when they can make something themselves from start to finish with no assistance necessary!

I was trying to think of some way that I could color marshmallows for the fourth of july. I thought about just dunking them all in food coloring, but that would be too messy and darker than I wanted. As I was searching the pantry for anything that might spark inspiration, I spotted red and blue jello. The wheels started turning…and I realized that if I wet the marshmallows just a bit, I could roll them in the “jello sugar” and it would coat them perfectly!

jello marshmallows

These marshmallows are purposely imperfect. There’s nothing fancy here; they’re just a fun treat that kids can do all by themselves, take to a barbecue or party and show them off.

We coated them two ways: First you wet the marshmallows and let the excess drip off. Don’t let them soak in the water, just dunk them for a sec0nd. Then either roll them in a bowl that’s been filled with a packet of jello (just the dry, colored “sugar”), or add the packet of jello to a large plastic bag, drop some wet marshmallows in and shake away until they’re all coated. Then just add them to lollipop sticks (you can find these at craft stores).

fourth of july recipe

No matter how you and/or your kids make these, I hope you have fun doing it! Have a great Fourth of July, all!


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    I was looking for something cute and easy for our Canada Day block party we are having on Sunday and this fits the bill!! I will leave out the blue and just do red and white. Too cool!!

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      They had a blast! We just finished a strawberry icebox cake a few minutes ago that they loved helping with, too. With all this 100 degree heat there’s not much else to do :-)

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    You’re a genius! My parents never allowed me to have candy, ergo I was obsessed with sugar…especially pixie sticks. Jello packets were the next best thing (even better because they’re huge)! I’m still on the Jello powder, and the fact that you used it as a coating for marshmallows, kind of makes you a super-hero in my eyes! Brilliant!

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    Fun idea! I haven’t had marshmallows in ages (years, actually). It never occurred to me that I might want them in colors — but now that I see yours, I do! Really inventive.


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