Chicken, Green Chile and Potato Pie

This delicious recipe for Chicken, Green Chile and Potato Pie will become a family favorite!

Easy as Chicken, Green Chile and Potato Pie! A lost recipe that a reader requested get recreated - yep, it's that good!

Last month I received an email from Cassie, a reader:

A few months back I made your Chicken and Green Chile Potato Pie recipe.  It was fantastic!  I went to your site today to get the recipe so that I could make it again and it was gone. Is there a way I can get/find the recipe?

I’d lost a handful of recipes some time ago due to a technical glitch during a site redesign (something I did on my end). Most were easily recreated but there were a few I hadn’t had the chance to get to. I love hearing from people who have tried and loved my recipes – it’s what I love more than anything else about writing a food blog – so I really wanted to get this potato pie recipe up and running.

This simple savory pie comes together much quicker than you might think. Of course, I use a prepared pie crust and other easy ingredients like a rotisserie chicken (or I’ll make chicken stock and use the meat from that if I’m not short on time), canned chiles (although nothing beats roasting your own) and even a bag of sliced Simply Potatoes if I’m really short on time (although slicing two potatoes only takes a couple of minutes). It would make an AWESOME dish for Thanksgiving leftovers, too – turkey would definitely work here. I always seem to crave something with a bit of spice after Thanksgiving and this potato pie really fits the bill.

Easy as Chicken, Green Chile and Potato Pie! A lost recipe that a reader requested get recreated - yep, it's that good!

I’m so grateful to Cassie for reminding me how much I love this easy recipe; I had forgotten it with all of the other recipes swimming around in my head :) I’m always open to requests so please feel free to leave me a comment or send an email anytime, even just with questions or to say hello! And try this Chicken, Green Chile and Potato Pie, would ya’? You’ll be glad you did!


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    This is a beautiful, Americanized version of a quiche – with poultry instead of bacon, cheddar instead of gruyere, a few extra goodies (like chilies) and a lattice crust. What a delightful way to use leftovers or odds and ends together.

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