Chicken & Green Chile Potato Pie

chicken and green chile potato pie

Fall is such a cool time of the year.

(I promise you, there was no pun intended in that opening line. An accidental bad habit of mine.)

Fall always sneaks up on me. Just when I finally settle into summer’s no-schedule-swimsuit-mode, it’s time to give it up for sweaters and an extra blanket. School supplies must be purchased and schedules begin to materialize no matter how much I resist. And yet, by the time that first chilly night hits, pulling out those extra blankets always feels pretty good.

This is when I must make pie.

chicken and green chile potato pie

There’s something really comforting about finally turning that oven back on, mixing up my apples or pumpkin or sweet potatoes and smelling those distinct fall flavors. Berry pies are fantastic in the summertime, but nothing beats the comfort of a warm, autumn pie.
Fall pies also make much better savory pies, which is why I knew exactly what I’d be making when I picked up several packages of Simply Potatoes at the store last week. The sliced potatoes are a staple on my weekly grocery list but the sweet potatoes hadn’t been purchased in some time. But fall is here, so in my cart they went.

My original plan was to make two pies, one sweet and one savory. The sliced potatoes would be savory, the sweet would be, well, for the sweet. I made the savory first and we loved it so much that I decided to make it again, this time topping it with the sweet potatoes mixed with some chipotle peppers for a little smoky heat. This was dinner for four nights. Happy, happy family!

chicken and green chile potato pie