crostini with goat cheese, slow-roasted tomatoes & balsamic syrup

an easy, elegant & delicious appetizer!

So last week we talked about how to make a balsamic glaze (or syrup, reduction…whatever you feel like calling it) and I gave you “20 awesome ways to use it“. I made a fairly large batch of my own at the time and this is one of the awesome ways in which I used mine :)

I love making crostini and usually always have some around.

Even if I don’t top the crostini with anything and just dip it into soup or enjoy a few pieces with a salad, they’re still a great way to add some crunch to a meal.

I love dipping them into fresh pesto or marinara and topping with fresh mozzarella. Sometimes I’ll even sprinkle on a little shredded parmesan and pop them under the broiler for a couple of minutes. So many wonderful ways to use them!

Balsamic goes so perfectly with goat cheese (or blue, yowza that’s delicious!) or any number of other cheeses. Slow-roasting tomatoes brings out their sweetness which makes them the perfect topping – then the drizzle of balsamic syrup brings it all together. This crostini is an easy appetizer to prepare yet is sophisticated enough that you could serve it at a dinner party – but not so high-flyin’ that it wouldn’t work for a casual barbecue, either. You’ll need a bit of time to prepare this one, if only because slow-roasting tomatoes is just that – slow. But you can make all the other components while the tomatoes roast or simply prepare it all the day before (or both). In any case, this crostini recipe is worth the effort to put together – you’re going to love it!

A few more fantastic toppings for crostini:

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  1. kitchenriffs says

    I agree goat cheese and balsamic pair so well, and this recipe sure proves it. Love this! And so perfect for this time of the year. Thanks!


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