sweet potatoes with goat cheese, honey & roasted grapes

sweet potatoes with goat cheese, honey & roasted grapes

This is not my recipe. It’s not even my photo. Both are from How Sweet It Is, a yummy blog that I’ve visited over and over since discovering it. Mostly to look at this recipe before I finally knew I had to try it.

I made it a few weeks ago and it met with rave reviews. My dad and I especially loved it (my dad declared them the best sweet potatoes he’s ever had); Alan and my mom thought it was great but that it didn’t need the grapes (what?!!).  I thought it deserved its own spot on my own site so that you could decide for yourself.

I asked Jessica from How Sweet It Is for permission to use her gorgeous photo and she cheerfully agreed. But you’ll have to visit her site for the recipe – you won’t be sorry!


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    As I said earlier, I’ve had this pinned fooorevah! I really need to make it. I know I do. And I wouldn’t dream of eliminating the grapes – that was part of the appeal!

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    Love this when I saw it on Jessica’s blog. She is so darn funny. Lucky me got to spend time with her in Sonoma when we were invited to Kendall Jackson last year. She’s just awesome with an awesome blog.!

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    You are absolutely right about this sweet potatoes recipe. Not only it’s gorgeous, It looks delicious too. Thank you for sharing the beautiful How Sweet It Is’s site. Have a wonderful holidays to you and your loved ones, Kristy! :)

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