3-minute breakfast hash

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microwave eggsMy husband, Alan, cannot cook to save his life. He made cookies  (from pre-made dough!) a few years ago and they were so bad they ended up in the trash. All he had to do was slice, place on pan, bake for 9-11 minutes at temperature designated on package, pull from oven, and eat. Yet somehow, he managed to do things to them that no one should ever have to see {shudder} And I have a sneaking suspicion that this was deliberate. If I mention something about him doing the cooking, I inevitably hear “Honey. You do remember the cookie incident. Don’t you?!” ;-)  Yes, honey, I do.

And yet, in spite of this, the man makes the most perfect boiled eggs. Every time, without fail. They come out with just a hint of softness still in the center, are somehow magically always easy to peel and are never, ever tinged with green. They’re so good that I always request he make them instead of me. Thankfully, he makes them often and many times without prompting. And who can blame him? Eggs rock, and boiled is one of my favorite ways to enjoy them.

With school just around the corner (and my second and last baby going to kindergarten…sniff!), I’m making my game plans now. Breakfast game plans, with eggs as my star player.

I’ve recently discovered how easy, fast & delicious it is to whip up an egg breakfast in the microwave. Me, who uses the microwave strictly for popcorn & reheating leftovers, is actually cooking in it! I’ve been inspired by my good foodie friend, Jeffrey Saad (<—amazing human being who has selflessly helped me out when I really needed it, not to mention he’s an incredible chef) and his ability to whip up egg dishes for his own family on busy weekday mornings (whereas I’m typically shoving a “Gogurt” in my kids hands to eat on the way to the bus). But this year it’s going to be different. Did you know that you can make a delicious and healthy egg breakfast in under three minutes? And that half of that time can be used for double-checking backpacks and vetoing mis-matched outfits (that they insist they just HAVE to wear) – because that’s just idle cooking time?! I don’t know about you, but it takes me that much time just to put a sugared cereal in a bowl and top it with milk.

I’m sharing my favorite microwave egg recipe that takes just 3 minutes to make and is just 54 cents per serving! Although I don’t plan on letting Alan completely off the hook on his one kitchen contribution, I’m not sure I really need it anymore ;-)

And ps: Visit the Incredible Edible Egg Facebook page today and “like” their page because America’s egg farmers are giving away a coupon for 55 cents off two dozen eggs, in addition to great back-to-school recipes and tips! Visit the page soon because the coupon is limited!




  1. says

    Mmmmm what on earth could be better than eggs, cheese and potato!! :) My dad also could cook nothing but perfectly boiled eggs! It must be a man thing. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Britt says

    Yummy! Nathan is a horrible breakfast eater, never eats until he's been up for hours. My goal now that he will be going to school is to get a decent breakfast in him! And he loves eggs, cant wait to try this! I'm going to throw in some diced ham too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Meister @ The Nervou says

    This almost makes me wish I had a microwave! But it does make me glad that I recently trained my squeeze how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg; it's probably the one thing I can trust him to do in the kitchen when I'm not around, bless his heart. 

  4. Greg says

    I'm not sure the value of cooking eggs in the microwave. It doesn't take much more effort to turn on the stove, but if you don 't have one… or are just too lazy to clean up the dang pan… I guess this will do. Good idea.

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