mango, banana & chia seed smoothie

This Mango, Banana Chia Seed Smoothie is packed with healthy goodness and it tastes amazing. If you’ve never tried chia seeds this is a great recipe to start with!


mango, banana & chia seed smoothie | the wicked noodle

Never in a million years would I have put these ingredients together into a chia seed smoothie and thought it would become my new favorite.

As odd as it sounds, I don’t add banana very often to my smoothies. And I’ve never used chia seeds in my life. Yet, I absolutely loved this delightful chia seed smoothie the moment I tried it.

mango, banana & chia seed smoothie | the wicked noodle

It’s a DOLE recipe. A bunch of bloggers and I were served this and many, many other delicious delights when we visited with them in LA a few weeks ago. This chia seed smoothie is the recipe I keep coming back to, again and again. I’ve had it first thing in the morning when my standard green juice just wasn’t going to cut it. I’ve had it in the evening when I wanted a healthy sweet treat. I haven’t made it for lunch just yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s just around the corner.

I made a few changes to the original chia seed smoothie recipe. I didn’t bother soaking the chia seeds and I love the texture this way. I’m sure I’d love it after soaking them, too, but who can plan that far ahead? I just want my smoothie when I want it :) I also skipped the stevia sweetener. I have some (I use Truvia, it’s my favorite) but I don’t feel this particular smoothie needs any extra sweetener. You, of course, may have a sweeter tooth than me, so by all means, add some if you wish!

mango, banana & chia seed smoothie | the wicked noodle



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