mexican layered hummus dip

An easy and healthy recipe for Mexican Layered Hummus Dip. Start with hummus then simply layer on some additional ingredients for a great party appetizer!

mexican layered hummus dip | #cincodemayo #healthy

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

I have an easy, healthy and super tasty recipe for Mexican Layered Hummus Dip for you today! It’s one that you can throw together in a snap to take to all those fun Cinco de Mayo parties you’re attending. No parties? Feel free to whip this up for yourself – it’s healthy enough that you can indulge and not feel guilty. You remember my Layered Greek Hummus Dip, right? This is a delicious spin on that recipe using a few different ingredients and with a spicy twist. You’ll love it, promise! 

mexican layered hummus dip | #cincodemayo #healthy

I used my Roasted Jalapeno Hummus as the base for this Mexican Layered Hummus Dip then just topped it with some veggies, herbs and a little cheese (skip the cheese if you’re watching calories). I used queso fresco but queso blanco or cotija would be great, too. I’ve even used feta in a pinch and it was delicious.

There are so many reasons to love a good layered hummus dip. First, you can start with store-bought hummus. Although I do prefer to make my own hummus (especially when it takes all of six minutes for creamy hummus!) I’ll use some from the store if I’m really that pressed for time. Hummus is a healthy base to begin with but then you can add all sorts of healthy, crunchy vegetables and herbs to it which brings a nice texture to your layered hummus dip, too. And it always looks gorgeous not to mention absolutely delicious! Layered hummus dip always goes quickly so you may want to make a double batch!


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