skillet cookie {with toffee & chocolate chips}

skillet cookie

Yesterday, it rained.

A lot.

I love rain almost as much as I love a good snow storm. I always get that cozy, I’m-not-going-anywhere-today-if-I-can-help-it feeling. Even doing work around the house is just so relaxing (at least I imagine it would be if I actually did work around the house on days like these).

The girls both had friends over, Alan went to see about buying a new, more mileage-friendly car, and I got into the kitchen and pretty much never left. I had a few more recipe-development deadlines so I knocked those out (healthy cookies coming soon…they turned out better than I’d hoped!) but was still feeling like something else needed to happen. Rainy day + hot-out-of-the-oven cookies (is it me, or am I using a lot of hypens today?) + milk + four cute girls = all that is good in the world. So…I went on a hunt for a good skillet cookie recipe. And I found one.

The best part? You mix it all in the skillet and don’t need to dirty a mixing bowl. Then you just pop it in the oven and voilá!

chocolate chip skillet cookie

One big cookie for everyone to share!

I was making this as a surprise treat for the girls yesterday. They were all upstairs playing when cute little Kate came down to get something from her bag. Just before she headed back up, I asked her if she wanted to know a secret.

“Sure, Mrs. Bernardo!”

She walked over to where I was spreading the batter around the skillet and asked what it was. I told her it was going to be one giant cookie! To which she paused, then replied:

“Well…it sounds kinda weird. But I’m willing to try it!!”

It was all I could do to wait until she left the room to bust out laughing! She’s such a cutie and you’ve just gotta love the honesty of kids. The good news is that once she saw the finished cookie, she thought it was “pretty cool”.

Can’t ask for better than that!

one pan cookie

toffee cookies

cookie slice



  1. says

    YUM! I love a good one-pan-bake! there just aren’t enough of them in the world. I just received some butterscotch chips too so this would be a perfect recipe to experiment with them!

  2. says

    LOve this idea – anything that reduces on washing up is OK by me. I also love using hyphens in my writing – helps you pin different thoughts together without pesky full-stops!
    Wish we could buy toffee pieces in Australia…

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