Caprese Salad with Burrata Cheese {family style}

caprese with burrata

Wednesday marked the last day of freshly picked summer tomatoes at the farmers market. I have mixed feelings about this; part of me is mourning the loss of hot, lazy days while another part is enjoying sweatshirts and long pants again. Having spent so many years in Southern California, I really treasure the changing of the seasons and that nesting feeling that only chilly fall days can bring. Still, I’m sad that there will be no more bright, juicy red and yellow gems at the market for another nine months. There are some cherry tomatoes remaining on our own plants but there’s hardly enough left to make a meal (they’re usually plucked by two little girls as they’re running by but who deny knowing how they disappeared).

burrata cheese

Summer tomatoes are at their best when they’re prepared simply so the flavor can shine. When I spotted some freshly made Burrata cheese I knew a caprese salad would definitely happen. For those who haven’t tried Burrata cheese, it’s essentially mozzarella wrapped around a creamy center made with mozzarella and cream. The center will hold its shape somewhat but has a very soft, velvety texture. I absolutely love it and it’s such a nice change of pace from a typical mozzarella.

caprese with burrata

The shape of Burrata cheese is so unique – it looks like a bag or purse – that I like to serve it whole for presentation’s sake. It makes for an easy family-style first course or appetizer, perfect to celebrate – or mourn, depending on your perspective – the end of summer. I also made a quick balsamic reduction (is there  a day or week that goes by when I don’t? I may need an intervention) to serve on the side for drizzling. So there you have it – a proper send-off to summer. Goodbye tomatoes, hello pumpkins!

easy caprese salad