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What to do with Cucumbers | Cucumber Recipes

Everyone, at one time or another, struggles with that age old question of what to do for dinner. You check the fridge, scan the pantry but still come up blank. At our house, we have cucumbers in our refrigerator at all times. We enjoy them as a quick snack, I add them to my margaritas, and dice them for salads.

But there’s so much more to do with cucumbers than just enjoying them as a snack or tossing them in a salad. Did you know that cooked cucumbers are also delicious? They can be cut into 1/2-inch strips, tossed with oil and a little salt, then roasted at 400F. I check them after 10 minutes as they’ll still have some crunch to them at this point, but they can be cooked longer depending on your preference.

Quickly sauteed cucumbers are also delicious. Prepare the cucumbers as directed above then give them a quick saute over medium-high heat. Add a little onion and garlic for a delicious cooked cucumber side dish.

If those options for cooked cucumbers don’t suit you, here are 27 delicious answers to the question “what to do with cucumbers?” for the last time. You’ll find cucumber recipes for everything from appetizers to cocktails! Be sure to pin your favorites so you’ll have them whenever you have a surplus of cucumbers.

27 Cucumber Recipes to answer the question of what to do with cucumbers!

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