Roasted Shrimp with Carrot Couscous & Ginger-Lime Carrot Reduction

carrot juice recipe


When I was just a wee two years old, I was admitted to the hospital for eye surgery. I had “amblyopia” and needed surgery to correct it. The only memory I have of that time is a vague snapshot of riding on a “worm” (remember those?) in what I assume was a children’s play area. {That, and the fact that although my mom spent the night with me in the hospital, she spent her night holding a girl in the hospital bed next to mine because the girl was alone and afraid. I was proud of my mom even then.}

I’ve needed glasses (or contacts) my entire life. No Lasik surgery for me; I’m “not a candidate” is what I hear every time I ask a new doctor. I’m constantly lectured by my doctor that “if anything happens to that right eye…” And so I’m very careful and protective of my “good” eye. Always have been. To the point that, when I was a kid, I would eat as many carrots as I could get my hands on. My theory was that if carrots are good for your eyes, then if I ate enough of them maybe I could make my left eye better.

Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work. But hey, at least I ate my vegetables! And I still have a love for carrots today – raw, cooked, roasted or sauteed – I’ll take them every which way. Even fresh carrot juice was a pleasant surprise the first time I had it; add a little fresh lemon juice and ginger and I could drink it all day. And once I started cooking with it? Fuhgeddaboudit!

I’ve been making this dish for a very long time and it never fails me. It’s super quick – 15 minutes, tops, from start to finish – it tastes amazing and looks spectacular on the plate (I used my food rings to achieve this look; tips on using them can be found here). It uses carrot juice which, as I’m sure you know, is very good for you – you won’t have to worry about getting in your Vitamin A for the day if this recipe is on your menu. But the flavor is so wonderful that you’ll forget all about how healthy it is.

There are three main parts to it: roast the shrimp, make the couscous and throw the sauce together. But all three can be done at the same time so it comes together really quickly. Perfect for a weeknight! And who knows? It might just improve your eyesight ;-)


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    I’ve worn glasses/contacts since college. I was told that I was the perfect candidate for LASIK, but the whole needle to eye thing has always made me beyond squeamish. Last year I finally got up the balls to do it…but (now in my 40’s), they tell me I’m not a good candidiate anymore. I blew it!

    This dish looks (with my glasses on!) wonderful. You always make everything look so elegant!

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    I was always on the fence about carrots but I am still totally in love with this dish! Love that you ate lots of carrots though as a kid for eye health – my mom never relayed that to me so I didn’t have much carrots back in the day!

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      Good to know, Jen! It’s always been something of a romantic notion to me (the idea that I could just wake up without having to deal) so I appreciate hearing another side to it. Looking forward to lunching with you in a couple of weeks!

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    Nice flavors! Shrimp always gets my attention, and its color so nicely matches the carrot juice! I haven’t done much with carrot juice, I admit – and I should, because my eyesight is lousy! Great presentation. When I want to use food rings I either use round biscuit cutters, or round PVC pipe that I cut in short sections (they clean up well in the dish washer). Anyway, good stuff – thanks.

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    Stunning dish! Obviously your eyes are in perfect working condition. I’m annoyingly nearsighted. (The lady in the commercial who calls in the raccoon at night…so me.) Wonky vision builds character. Plus we get to look like real intellectual hispters.

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    First, that story of your mom holding the girl in the next bed hit me hard. That’s a wonderful thing, and even better? At that age you were proud of her and not jealous? That says a lot about the loving environment in which you grew up. Congratulations!

    Second, I LOVE ROASTED SHRIMP! I have never tried carrot juice but after seeing this post, I shall, for sure. Thanks!

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      Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Kasha. I have to admit, it’s possible I felt jealous but I was so young (and I think I probably slept through most of it). It is one of my earliest memories though and I do recall feeling really proud of her. She’s a pretty awesome woman :-)
      I hope you try this – it’s sooo delish! xo

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    I recently just started my own food blog and always love checking out other food blogs for inspiration. I came accross yours and loved it! This recipe looks SO good! Absolutely love couscous! I will have to try making this recipe for my husband soon!

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