the best deviled eggs {pastel-striped for easter}

deviled egg

Katie woke me up this morning by whispering softly yelling, two inches from my ear, “How many more days until Easter is it NOW?!!”

It’s fun that she’s so excited (although I wish she could save her excitement until after my first cup of coffee). I love Easter, too! We’ve been dyeing eggs for days; I’ve already had my fill and Easter is still 3 days away.

If you’re like us, deviled eggs are a must around this time of the year. I gave mine a fun twist this year with some pastel colored stripes. It’s easy to do with just some water and food coloring and the kids always oooh and aaah. I’m sharing my best deviled egg recipe with you, too! It’s just a very basic recipe but it’s ultra-smooth and creamy.

Enjoy, and Happy Easter!!

easter deviled eggs

Alternatively, you can just soak the entire egg yolks to make just one color like the ones below.

easter eggs



  1. says

    I make deviled eggs all year long – love ’em. These are so pretty…makes me think I should start celebrating Easter. Does hiding candy filled eggs for the kids count?

  2. Dawn says

    Wow, these sound and look great. I’m having family over for Easter this year and have just added these to the menu. I was looking for something different and I have definitely found it in these. :) I’ve made deviled eggs too many times to count, yet have never heard of adding heavy cream. Hmm

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