hummus…two flavors, one batch

cilantro hummus

I love that there are so many different things you can do with hummus.  It makes a great spread for sandwiches and wraps and it’s an easy make-ahead dip for a party.

I have never been able to make just one flavor hummus at a time. It’s a strange compulsion that I’ve long since accepted as one of the many quirks of being me. I figure that since I’ve drug out the food processor and dirtied it up, I may as well use it to its full potential.

I typically start by making a garlic-flavored hummus since garlic goes with darn near anything. I make as much as will fit comfortably in my processor (about 3 cans plus ingredients) then remove approximately half. At this point I add pretty much whatever strikes me, although chipotle, cilantro, jalapeno, lemon or roasted red peppers are my most common choices.

jalapeno hummus

Today I switched it up a bit and started with a Cilantro-Jalapeno hummus. After removing half the batch to a serving bowl I simply added a whole avocado and a bit more salt. They’re similar in flavor but the first batch had a fair amount of spice while the second batch was significantly toned down and even creamier from the avocado. I’m happy that I’ll have two batches that both the grownups and kids will enjoy.

To make your own pita chips, simply cut pita bread into triangles, brush with olive oil and sprinkle generously with kosher salt. Bake in a 400F oven for 6-8 minutes or until golden brown.

Here are a few unique ideas I found around the internet for other ways to use hummus:

I plan on trying all of these recipes at some point, especially the mashed potatoes as a side to a Mediterranean themed meal.  The casserole sounds easy and delicious, too!  So many foods to try and so little time…I need to live until I’m ninety-five so I can try them all!  Luckily, hummus is good for me so that’s always a possibility! ;-)


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