Nutella Mousse…just 2 ingredients!

nutella mousse dessert recipe

Okay, so you know how much I love an easy recipe that delivers huge, right?  Let me just say that I was beyond excited when I made this awesome mousse!  It literally takes all of five minutes (minus chill time) and yet it turns out a creamy, delicious mousse with endless possibilities.  And the best part?

There are only two ingredients.  TWO!!

Yep, this one is a major winner, folks.  And who doesn’t love nutella, right?  This mousse is right up there with my other nutella favorite – Nutella Hot Chocolate – but I have to admit that I’m torn over which one I love most.  Possibly this one since it’s something that, with a few minor tweaks, you could actually serve at the end of a nice holiday meal or dinner party.  I would love to try adding a layer or two of strawberries or raspberries, with a nice dollop of fresh whipped cream and some chocolate shavings to top it off!

So how do you make this incredible wonder?  Just toss about half a cup of Nutella in your mixing bowl, add a cup of whipping cream and whip until you’ve got peaks – somewhere between soft and stiff seemed right about perfect.  Then chill for at least four hours, put into some pretty little serving dishes and taste all that hard work!


nutella mousse dessert recipe