super sexy jalapenos with cilantro sauce

stuffed jalapenos cilantro sauce

Warning: it’s Monday morning and I’m about to rant. And here you thought you came here just to see something sexy and spicy ;-)

A tip-off from a reader led me to a site that had “borrowed” a few of my photos and recipes (and “forgot” to ask permission). The offender refused to take them down and essentially told me to go pound sand. Which led me on a quest to see where else my little creations might be appearing without my consent…and I found a lot of it. Everywhere!! Because I don’t have anything else to do other than track down these jerks.

I would imagine that it’s not easy for a non-blogger to understand just how violating it is when this happens. In my case, the most egregious* thefts have been on my Lemon Tiramisu and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Jalapeno Poppers. Both have been blatantly lifted repeatedly and republished with the blog owner posting the recipes and photos as if they were their own. It’s as if I’d walked into my own house and caught the thief standing at my refrigerator door, spoon in hand, eating my tiramisu while wearing my underwear.

I mention this because I spent a good portion of yesterday tracking down the evil culprits, leaving firm comments demands, making phone calls and reporting every last one of them to Google. It’s an exhausting process and I very much resent having to take time away from family to do it. But do it I will, if only to do my part in the fight against these lazy thugs!

*Side note: who knew how to spell “egregious” before seeing it here? I had to look it up after spell check screamed at me that “aggregious” is very much not correct. If you already knew this, go buy yourself something special today, like a new hat or a car or something. You’re smart, good looking and gosh darnit, I really like you!

All right now, don’t let your head get too big, you’re still not as sexy as these jalapenos. Don’t be sad, I’m not either. And the good news is that you’re going to make these and they’re so tasty that you’re going to forget all about not being sexy enough because you’ll eat them and you’ll win. Well, except that you’ll gain a few pounds because you won’t share them and people will be mad at you. But really, who cares when you’ve got these jalapenos in your belly?

Is today’s post as all over the map as my head feels today? Is the world spinning out of control or is that just my medication finally working?

I blame those lying, thieving, content scraping thugs. Everything is their fault, everything. World peace? We would totally have it if they would stop all this stealing and go live together in some commune where they could all wear the same shoes and drink some red kool-aid together.

Enjoy these jalapenos and have a good day, y’all :-)


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    So sorry to hear that, Kristy – what a frustrating way to spend your weekend! I don’t think I’ve ever described a jalapeno as “super sexy” (a brownie, maybe! :)) but these look impossible to resist. You are too funny, as usual! :)

  2. says

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about the stolen content. There is a site that has stolen my recipes with pictures and all… I am still fighting them.. Urgh! Now these jalapenos – oooh la la !! That is one sexy veggie! I will have to keep them for a date night with hubs. :) Have a great rest of the day! xoxo

  3. Janet says

    I’m not even a blogger, but recipe stealing online drives me nuts! I’ll be looking at FoodGawker, and see a photo…”hey, that looks just like that X recipe I just saw on X blog…did they credit it?” And I actually follow the link just to be sure they credit the blog I know created it…and leave a comment if they didn’t…what does that say about me? Self-appointed food-blog police? I can’t help it…I can’t stand it when people steal things! Don’t be too discouraged, though — these look 10,000 times better than any Jalapeno Popper recipe I’ve seen.

  4. says

    ARGH. I’ve had my stuff lifted, too. Makes you feel so violated, no? Non-bloggers have no idea the blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating and photographing. Or maybe they do know, but just don’t care. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much copyright info we post, or put our blog stamp on the photos. Good for you for fighting back, though. I’m exhausted just thinking about your day yesterday.

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      I’ve avoided copyrighting my pics because I feel like it takes away from them but I think I may have to start. UGH. What a pain in the ass!! I really don’t mind if they use the photo without the recipe and link back – to me, it’s a benefit. But to take BOTH is not cool, even with a link. And without a link? aarrgghh!! That’s when I want to run them over with my car.

  5. says

    Ugh, I hear you. It is such a pain to deal with people who just steal photos right off of blogs as if they’re theirs for the taking. I put a copyright watermark on photos, but that doesn’t stop people from photoshopping it out. All griping aside, your jalapenos with cilantro sauce really are quite sexy. I can’t wait to try them!

  6. says

    Just spotted these super sexy jalapeno’s on Food Gawker and had to swing by. They are indeed sexy and I would absolutely hoard them all for myself.

    Sorry to hear there are so many no good thiefs out there. How does one go about tracking your posts elsewhere? Any tips? My blog gets a very very modest amount of traffic, so I always think it’s not happening to me. But it would be nice to find out.

  7. says

    I use copyscape to track down my photos AND recipes on other sites, but the more I add to the site, the less possible it is to keep up. It’s maddening. I hate the excuse “I didn’t know” because it’s common sense. Even when I first started blogging I knew it wasn’t appropriate to use someone else’s photo without asking. Anyway, this looks delicious!!!

    • says

      I hear you. I checked only my most popular posts but there are probably more out there. I finally just had to walk away and realize that it’s going to happen so try not to go too crazy over it. ugh!! I use copyscape but I’ve found that reverse image search works best (for me, anyway).

  8. says

    So sorry to read about your content thieves… I feel like its happening a lot more recently. Good for you for staying on them. Hopefully Google will shut them down! Now… on to these jalapenos… wowzas! They look and sound amazing!

  9. Ashley - Baker by Nature says

    I am constantly on the hunt for new ways to stuff and sexy up jalapenos – bookmarked! And I’m thrilled to have just found your site – it’s fab!

  10. says

    Some people can be so rude! I have at least 10 bloggie friends find out someone took their pics, how frustrating. Good for you in reporting them~ These are super sexy~~~

  11. says

    Oh darn! It’s you Kristy! Jeez, I followed you from Anna’s link, and didn’t even see the name of your site, hahaha! Just LOVED the post. I should have known. Few post food and pictures that are as sexy as yours…..I am so sorry you have to fight those jerks. Holler if you need help.

  12. says

    You too huh? I’ve had this experience before and they were the ones who got mad at me after I asked them to either remove it from their site or put my link to credit the owner of the photo. Okay, on a lighter note, this jalapenos are really sexy and for these &$#@&@! thieves to steal this photo should be arrested for kidnapping! I’m sorry and I share your frustation, my friend!

  13. Aileen says

    Ugh..just read your negative “monday mornng rant” posted 9/17.
    I am sorry some used your recipes, but please your hateful,revengeful attitude shows me a side of you that I will no longer view or recommend your website.

    • says

      Sorry you feel that way. If you mean that I am upset that people blatantly stole my copyrighted material and tried to pass them off as their own, then I suppose you’re right. But I have every right to protect my recipes and photographs and doing so is neither revengeful nor hateful (which is why Google has an avenue to report thefts like this). Revengeful and hateful, to me, would be to share the names of the sites and try to smear their names, neither of which I did. I’m happy to have readers that allow me to share the difficult things that happen in my life as well as the positive. If I never shared anything less than my wonderful, rosy side of life then I wouldn’t be sharing all of me.

  14. says

    Sorry to hear you had to go through all of that. So many people are clueless about intellectual property. It’s bad enough that they “borrow” pictures – usually when people do that, they do so innocently, and generally add a link or something. But just to take content and reproduce it? Bleech. Anyway, jalapenos by nature are just super sexy, don’t you think? I love hot and spicy! And your jalapenos certainly look super! Really nice recipe – thanks.

    • says

      Y’know, I actually don’t mind at all if someone uses a photo without the recipe and includes a link. To me, that’s a benefit to me and I enjoy seeing my photos on others sites. It’s when they take the whole shebang and don’t even mention where it came from. And yes, I do think jalapenos are by nature VERY sexy!! But I’m a serious jalapeno lover so that may be why. Thanks for your comment, KR!

  15. says

    Oh I can so understand your frustrations. I’ve been down that road so many times. And while I know it does not protect the images from being lifted I always recommend to watermark them. It’s a waste of time to go after these thieves and sorry that you had to do it. These jalepenos are indeed super sexy! L

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      Thank you so much for that, Meeta! I’m such a huge fan of your photography so it means a lot. I used to watermark and I suppose I should start again. I always feel it detracts from the photo but I suppose it’s a tradeoff.

  16. says

    It drives me crazy when people use photos and/or recipes without permission. It’s so simple to link back, and so rude when they don’t. Being a writer, I HATE the thought of anyone using my words without saying that they’re mine. (My photos aren’t that great; I don’t think anyone would want to steal them!)

    • says

      So rude!! If someone made an honest mistake, that’s one thing, but most of these people don’t even have a “real” website with their own content. They’re just stealing others property to make a buck. Terrible.

  17. CJ at Food Stories says

    Since I use the word egregious all the time & can spell it, I’m feeling pretty special, right now … I may need to get a new car to match my good looks & brains :-)

  18. Vicky says

    Unless you are taking your own food pictures you have no idea how much work and effort it takes! It is frustrating when someone does not respect that. Sorry it is happening to you.
    On a more positive note, you jalapeños look fantastic, I must make them for my father when he comes to visit. he loves Jalapeños and cilantro. Thank you for sharing

  19. says

    Hi Kristy, sorry to hear about the content theft. I did learn something about how to detect it and deal with it in this comment thread, though, and probably others did, too, so that’s something positive that’s coming from it.

  20. says

    Ugh, there’s nothing worse than scrapers, and I’m so sorry for all the trouble you’ve had. So frustrating!

    But I do have to say these jalapenos look sexy indeed! We’re rounding up “sexy dishes” in this month’s Shine Supper Club and they would make a lovely contribution. I hope you’ll join us!

  21. Tammy L. says

    So where is the recipe? There is a box but only numbers a letters and no recipe. would love to see it. You have some wonderful recipes here. TY for sharing

  22. says

    Tammy, thanks so much for bringing that to my attention! I’d lost a few recipes some time back and thought we’d recouped them all, this one must have been missed. It should be there now!


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