super sexy jalapenos with cilantro sauce

stuffed jalapenos cilantro sauce

Warning: it’s Monday morning and I’m about to rant. And here you thought you came here just to see something sexy and spicy ;-)

A tip-off from a reader led me to a site that had “borrowed” a few of my photos and recipes (and “forgot” to ask permission). The offender refused to take them down and essentially told me to go pound sand. Which led me on a quest to see where else my little creations might be appearing without my consent…and I found a lot of it. Everywhere!! Because I don’t have anything else to do other than track down these jerks.

I would imagine that it’s not easy for a non-blogger to understand just how violating it is when this happens. In my case, the most egregious* thefts have been on my Lemon Tiramisu and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Jalapeno Poppers. Both have been blatantly lifted repeatedly and republished with the blog owner posting the recipes and photos as if they were their own. It’s as if I’d walked into my own house and caught the thief standing at my refrigerator door, spoon in hand, eating my tiramisu while wearing my underwear.

I mention this because I spent a good portion of yesterday tracking down the evil culprits, leaving firm comments demands, making phone calls and reporting every last one of them to Google. It’s an exhausting process and I very much resent having to take time away from family to do it. But do it I will, if only to do my part in the fight against these lazy thugs!

*Side note: who knew how to spell “egregious” before seeing it here? I had to look it up after spell check screamed at me that “aggregious” is very much not correct. If you already knew this, go buy yourself something special today, like a new hat or a car or something. You’re smart, good looking and gosh darnit, I really like you!

All right now, don’t let your head get too big, you’re still not as sexy as these jalapenos. Don’t be sad, I’m not either. And the good news is that you’re going to make these and they’re so tasty that you’re going to forget all about not being sexy enough because you’ll eat them and you’ll win. Well, except that you’ll gain a few pounds because you won’t share them and people will be mad at you. But really, who cares when you’ve got these jalapenos in your belly?

Is today’s post as all over the map as my head feels today? Is the world spinning out of control or is that just my medication finally working?

I blame those lying, thieving, content scraping thugs. Everything is their fault, everything. World peace? We would totally have it if they would stop all this stealing and go live together in some commune where they could all wear the same shoes and drink some red kool-aid together.

Enjoy these jalapenos and have a good day, y’all :-)