chopped thai salad with coconut-curry dressing

This Chopped Thai Salad is very healthy and tastes amazing! You’ll love the dressing and will want to use it on everything. Add chicken or shrimp for an even heartier meal.


superfood thai salad with a delicious coconut-curry dressing

With all the booze and bacon going on around here lately, I thought we could all use a little detoxing. So I whipped you up this super-healthy chopped thai salad. It’s got all good stuff in it – kale, cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, mango & fresh herbs, all tasty things that will do your body good!

coconut-curry dressing {goes with a superfood thai chopped salad}

The dressing? Well, the dressing is a bit of an indulgence. Coconut milk is high in fat and calories but does make for a creamy dressing that balances the veggies in this salad nicely. Coconut milk is also not without its health benefits so just choose the low-fat version if you’re concerned about calories. And you’ll be eating so many fresh, crunchy veggies that your body will still thank you for it!

superfood thai salad with a delicious coconut-curry dressing

The kale and cabbage combination in this chopped thai salad keeps things really crunchy – there’s no iceberg, romaine or any other type of lettuce to be seen. You know I’m not much of a lettuce-salad chef anyway – freshly chopped veggies, especially in the summertime with all the awesome fresh produce around, just makes for a better salad.

You may choose to leave out the chopped peanuts for any allergies although they do add a nice flavor and texture. But whatever you do – don’t leave out the mango. It’s adds a sweetness that’s necessary with the earthy kale. Plus, it’s mango. Always a good thing!

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superfood thai salad with a delicious coconut-curry dressing