Roasted Buffalo Chickpeas

roasted buffalo chickpeas

I have a healthy snack for you today!

This is one of those snacks where you take a bite, think “they’re pretty good” but then can’t stop eating them. They’ll sit on your counter and you’ll just grab a few as you walk by…and then find yourself going back for more, again and again.

They take about 5 minutes to toss together and another 45 to roast. All with ingredients you likely keep on hand so you can have a healthy, yummy snack whenever those cravings strike.

roasted buffalo chickpeas

They’re not completely healthy…there are 2 T of butter added to the sauce before mixing. You could easily reduce that to just 1 though or swap it for canola oil (or a combo). Personally, I like the tiny bit of richness it adds. Plus, I’m eating beans for a snack. No guilt here.

These aren’t an in-your-face kind of buffalo spicy, either. You won’t really notice it until after a few bites. That’s when they hit peak addiction levels!

roasted buffalo chickpeas


  1. says

    This is definitely my kind of snack. I have roasted chickpeas before but not with hot sauce. I love how roasting transforms them from soft to crunchy.

  2. Janelle says

    These are good! I just pulled them out of the oven, I may have over cooked some of them a smidge. I used sprouted chickpeas and the sprouts actually stayed intact and toasted up really nice too.


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