creamy goat cheese bruschetta with roasted red peppers and fried capers

goat cheese bruschetta

How do you pronounce “bruschetta”?

Personally, I go back and forth between “bru-skeh-tah” and “bru-sheh-tah”.

The former is proper in Italian but the latter is more common here in the US.

Although that statement seems to be up for debate. Here’s a thread on Chowhound that had me chuckling:  How do you pronounce ‘bruschetta’?

However, no matter how the sounds come out of my mouth, I enjoy putting any type of bruschetta back into it.

Especially this one.

I added some cream to my goat cheese to make it more creamy and smooth and less crumbly and goat-y. Diced some roasted red peppers, fried me up some capers and zested me some lemon.

easy bruschetta

This was our snack yesterday afternoon. A bit too early for wine but a crisp white would have been pretty perfect.

Weigh in:     How do you pronounce “bruschetta”?

roasted red pepper bruschetta

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