Fresh Cherry-Chipotle Salsa

Fresh cherries and smoky heat make this fresh Cherry Chipotle Salsa a sweet and spicy treat! Serve with tortilla chips or over fish or chicken.

 Fresh Cherry-Chipotle Salsa - it is SO GOOD and is perfect with chips, over fish, on crusty garlic bread!

 It’s pick-your-own-cherries season right now and I have fresh cherries coming out of my ears!

What a terrible problem to have, right?

I picked 5 pounds over the weekend just so that I could make this Cherry Chipotle Salsa and a Rustic Cherry Tart. Tomorrow I go back to pick more and I’m thinking a cherry ice cream topping and a cherry-balsamic chicken dish. Ideas are still forming so I’ll have to just surprise you.

This cherry-chipotle salsa is sooo good. A little smokey heat from the chipotle, sweetness from the cherries and garlic & onion to pull it all together. It’s perfect with some salty chips and a margarita but it’s also delicious over fish or chicken.

Fresh Cherry-Chipotle Salsa - it is SO GOOD and is perfect with chips, over fish, on crusty garlic bread!

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of pitting all those cherries, though. It only took me about 10 minutes but it’s a job I’d really rather skip. I thankfully have a cherry pitter to make the job easier. My mom can pit cherries with just a knife faster than anyone I’ve ever seen! I’m not slow by any means but I’d still rather use a pitter. Or have Mom do it for me when she visits :)

You’re really going to love this cherry salsa, I promise you. Now go get picking!

If this recipe looks familiar it’s because it was originally published here in 2010. It didn’t have photos, however, so I thought I’d give it a little update, especially since I love this recipe so much!


  1. says

    That looks wonderful. I made some cherry chutney and we loved it. We'll have to keep venturing into the world of savory, spicy cherry condiments. Alas, I don't have a cherry pitter, so my hands will be bright red.

  2. Dani S. says

    I'm a HUGE fan of cherries and find as many uses for them as I can in the summer. I can't wait to give this a try. :)

  3. Christie - Food Done Light says

    OMG! This sounds so tasty. I love the idea of cherries in salsa especially with a little smoky chipotle.


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