Fresh Cherry-Chipotle Salsa

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When I opened the big box that had just arrived on my front porch, I immediately knew which product from OXO I wanted to try first.

The cherry pitter!

Fresh cherries are on sale all over the place lately and I’ve been dying to buy some. But I can not stand to pit them so unless there’s a recipe I’m just dying to try, fresh cherries rarely end up in my grocery cart.

Enter my new cherry pitter!

I was doubtful that it would actually make this an easy job, but it really works like a charm. You just set the cherry in the center, squeeze, and voila! The pit goes into the bowl and you’re left with a juicy, sweet cherry to pop in your mouth.

I had an idea for a fresh cherry salsa that involved chipotle (you know me, chipotle goes in everything) and it turned out really well. I literally couldn’t stop eating it to the point that I had to make an entire new batch the next day. That night I served it over some roasted cod – amazing!!

Here’s the recipe, although please keep in mind that these are very rough estimates since I sort of just threw it together and didn’t measure anything. Adjust to suit your own tastes – that’s what cooking is all about!

Have a great day!

ps. If you’re interested in the cherry pitter that OXO sent me (it pits olives, too), you can see it here. It rocks!!