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s'mores cupcake

Last year was the big cupcake craze. Everywhere I looked, bloggers were creating all types of new and delicious cupcakes. Cupcakery’s sprouted up like coffeehouses in the nineties…perhaps not to that extreme, but it would be tough to argue against cupcakes being all the rage in terms of desserts.

And clearly I missed that boat. I love cupcakes, and enjoyed reading through all the delicious posts, magazine articles and even the occasional treat I’d pick up. But I just don’t cook or bake that way; I always make whatever seems to strike me at that moment, with the occasional exception of a request from Mr. Wicked Noodle.

So last month, as I was flipping through the newest issue of Bon Appetit, I came across this recipe for s’mores cupcakes. It was in the r.s.v.p. section, where readers request the recipes of favorite restaurant dishes (fyi…this section alone makes the mag worth buying). There was no alluring photo, no drizzled chocolate to tempt me. Just the reader’s request and a simply typed recipe. It sounded fun to make and delicious to eat, and I tossed the magazine aside with the assumption that like most of the recipes I swoon over, it would soon be forgotten amongst the masses.

But I couldn’t get it out of my head. Every day or two, it would crop up again, to the point that I found myself making a mental checklist of what ingredients would need to be picked up. Two weeks later, I finally resigned myself that the cupcakes needed to be made. Today. Right NOW.

s'mores cupcake

And so I finally joined the cupcake craze, a year too late in blog years but oh.my.goodness…right on time for me! These s’mores cupcakes were crazy fun to make and such a treat to share. The girls thought they were in heaven (and that I was pretty much a rock star mom, which is worth its weight in gold)! They would be a perfect treat for a bake sale or even a casual dessert at a barbecue. Whatever event I make them for, the one thing I know for certain is that there will definitely BE a next time!

Here’s the recipe directly borrowed from Bon Appetit. Enjoy!

s'mores cupcake


  1. Lisa says

    FYI, I think every broiler must be different. My topping took less than 30 seconds to brown! When I had them in for 1 and a half minutes they literally caught on fire. Yikes!! Also, I didn't use Fluff, I used the Kraft Jet Puffed Creme. Almost the same.

  2. ivy says

    My kids.just like me, are lovers of sweets. We can't get enough of these cupcakes. They taste so good that we just can't stop eating!

  3. Sara K. says

    You have made my day! Why didn’t I think of this- I am going to try it and then devour them. I may share… but then again, I may not ;-)

  4. says

    Hi! I made some S’mores cupcakes using your same cake recipe and changed the filling and frosting. They came out wonderful! Other recipes for s’mores cupcakes I had seen used all graham cracker crumbs in place of flour but I didn’t think that was a good idea structurally. These cupcakes held up beautifully and still had a prominent graham cracker taste. I took them to my aunt’s birthday party and everyone loved them!
    Check them out
    Thanks for the delicious recipe!

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